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Maritime Museum Albert Dock Liverpool

The Aquarium Matlock Bath style

A little gem set in the original victorian baths. It incorporates a Aquarium a Hologram display and Petrifying Well.
If you are in Matlock Bath this place is a must

Aquarium Matlock Bath Derbyshire

The entrance to the Aquarium

Deep Sea Divers Helmet Matlock Bath Aquarium
Curios Matlock Bath Aquarium

As you enter the aquarium there are some interesting exhibits on either side of you note the deep sea divers helmet

The Stairs up to the Matlock bath Aquarium

Infront of you is a pay booth on your left after passing through this head up the stairs

Entrance to the hologram display Matlock Bath Aquarium

At the top of the stairs behind us is a door to the hologram display but this will come later

Exhibts at the Matlock Bath Aquarium

Infront of us to the right are more interesting exhibits but again these will come later

Door into the Petrifying area of the Matlock Bath Aquarium

We turn right through this doorway into a different world

Mystical world of cave and Petrifying Matlock Bath Aquarium

Pass through the doorway and on our right you will find the mystical world of Petrifying the area has the feel of a show cave

Display Cabinet various minerals Matlock Bath Aquarium

Display cabinet of various minerals from surrounding caves

Large Mineral pieces Matlock Bath Aquarium

Yet more minerals on display

Petrifying Well Matlock Bath Aquarium

The Petrifying Well

The Petrifying Well

Come and see objects being petrified as they did in victorian times

A source of curiosity and amazement

This is one of Matlock Bath's famous thermal springs

The water is rich in minerals, particularly calcium from the local limestone
As the water evaporates it leaves a deposit of calcium carbonate
Here you can see the petrifying process taking place in todays well
The healthy mineralised water is spraying onto the objects encrusting them with lime salts and turning them to stone
In Victorian times there were several wells in Matlock Bath they were known as dripping wells
The petrified objects such as wigs, brooms and birds nests were very much in demand and the local people sold them as curios to visitors

A closer view of the Petrifying well Matlock Bath Aquarium

A view thtough the bars of the petrifying well

Mural of Victorian tourists visiting a show cave Matlock Bath Aquarium

Once at the petrifying well we reach a dead end turn round and come back on yourself.
You will see this mural on the wall of victorian tourists visiting a show cave.
Follow the steps down past the doorway we entered the petrifying area and proceed through the door at the bottom of the steps

Fish tanks Matlock Bath Aquarium

This door brings us into the Aquarium

Small fish in the Matlock Bath Aquarium

We are then totally consumed by an aray of marine life

Underwater life at Matlock Bath Aquarium fish for sale in Sheffield and Rotherham
Small fish Matlock Bath Aquarium

fish tanks Matlock Bath Aquarium

beautiful fish Matlock Bath Aquarium

A fish cleaning a window Matlock Bath Aquarium

This one seems to be cleaning the tank

A large fish Matlock Bath Aquarium

A rather large fish

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish Matlock Bath Aquarium

This a Tiger Shovelnose Catfish
(Pseudoplatystoma Fasciatum)
Found in the Amazon rivers and basins there are sevaral geographically different species. They are an important food fish for the Amazon tribes and can grow up to 1.2 meters long

Heading for some more fish and turtle tanks Matlock Bath Aquarium

We then leave the darkness of the fish tank area to see more tanks containing fish and amphibious creatures

A room with a more jungle feel Matlock Bath Aquarium

This room has a feel of a jungle

Large fish in a jungle tank Matlock Bath Aquarium

A view into a large tank showing how large fish appear from above the surface

A very large fish Matlock Bath Aquarium

A good view of this one

Turtles Matlock Bath Aquarium


Turtles in a tank Matlock Bath Aquarium

These really are fascinating creatures

Mudskipper Matlock Bath Aquarium

(Periophthalmus barbarus)
Distribution: Mud flats Usually among mangroves of the Indo Pacific, as far as Australia and Japan
This unusual fish can spend long periods on land, The modified pectoral fins enable it to walk. To breathe it stores water to moisten its gills in chambers behind its eyes. This water does have to be replaced periodically

Map of the world Matlock Bath Aquarium

There is a map highlighting where the different creatures come from

Fish tanks in the darkness Matlock Bath Aquarium

Looking back at the fish tanks before we head outside to more delights

The door from the Aquarium to the pool Matlock Bath Aquarium

Then pass through this door into a new world

The original victorian baths Matlock Bath Aquarium

We are greeted by the original victorian baths

Koi Carp Matlock Bath Aquarium

The old bath is full of Koi Carp. Fish food can be purchased from a row of machines. Feeding the fish can cause quite a stir

Picture of Koi Carp Matlock Bath Aquarium

On the wall is a poster telling you the names of the fish

Victorian thermal baths Matlock Bath Aquarium

Another view of the baths

Fish in the victorian thermal baths Matlock Bath Aquarium

The amount of fish in the pool is breathtaking fish for sale in Sheffield and Rotherham

Fountain in the Victorian thermal baths Matlock Bath Aquarium

This place has an incredible and unique feel you may well feel the need to linger

The steps leading up to the Hologram display Matlock Bath Aquarium

When you are ready to leave go through the door to left of the one you came out of the aquarium from to your right hand side are some steps leading up to the hologram gallery

The old swimming price list for the Victorian thermal baths Matlock Bath Aquarium

Look to the wall on behind you before proceding up the stairs you will see the what it once cost to swim here

Poster for Thermal baths Matlock Bath

A Take a closer look at the description
Hard to believe the heat is natural
The 68 degrees will be Fahrenheit of course

Prices for swimming in Thermal Baths Matlock Bath

Take a closer look at the Prices
How things have changed
Wonder how much it would cost nowadays

Jaws and model of model of Valerie the Thames Steel ship company 1885 Matlock Bath Aquarium

Next the prices for swimming is a scary looking set of Jaws and a model of Valerie

Some knots and the Titanic Matlock Bath Aquarium

As you start to head up the stairs to the Hologram Gallery have a look through the window on your right hand side

Daily Mirror Newspaper 16th April 1912 page about Titanic and a picture of her leaving on her ill fated maiden Voyage Matlock Bath Aquarium

Have a closer look at the newspaper in the window.
A page from the Daily Mirror on the 16th April 1912 about her ill fated maiden voyage

A nice chap showing us the way into the hologram gallery Matlock Bath Aquarium

Now lets make our way into the hologram gallery this nice chap is even showing where this door leads. I suspect he would make a good lunatictraveler

A nice lady welcomes us in Matlock Bath Aquarium

A nice lady directly in front of the door welcomes us in

Lets have a look at some of the holograms

Champange Hologram in Matlock Bath Aquarium

Anyone fancy a glass of Champagne

Merlin Hunting birds of Noblemen in the middle ages Matlock Bath Aquarium

The hunting birds of noblemen during the middle ages. A rare shy bird found on the moors of northern and western Britain

Money for a rainy day hologram Matlock Bath Aquarium

Money for a rainy day

Frankenst's Monster Hologram Matlock Bath Aquarium

Frankenstein's Monster
If viewed from different angles you see him come to life and smile as he is here

Steps to exit the Matlock Bath Aquarium

Once you are ready to leave this magical world exit by the steps on which you entered as shown above

Looking along Matlock Bath

As you leave you walk into the unique and beautiful Matlock Bath. I hope this page has given you an appetite to come and see this place for yourself

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