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A small group of Sheffield residents were intrigued to know why Skegness is known as Sheffield by the sea and decided to pay the Lincolnshire resort a visit. They were really quite surprised by what they saw.

While they were there they visited the centre for research into global warming and were surprised by the prediction for Skegness. To see the map they saw click here

Sheffield's little known transport history

Astonishingly early experiments with prototype Supertrams met with surprising indifference from the cities population. Perhaps they regretted the loss of the upper deck. An early Supertram is seen in this 1950's view of Wadsley Bridge tram terminus bound for Meadowhall.The new trams contrast sharply with the more traditional trams.

South Yorkshires ageing Dennis Dominators looked a lot smarter when seen in this 1960's view of High St.

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Triple Decker Bus

During the low fares period of the 1970's overcrowding on buses could be a problem. Although the PTE finally settled on high capacity articulated buses other solutions had been previously tried but amongst other problems the number of low railway bridges within the city limited the use of certain prototypes to just a few routes reducing their effectiveness.This heavily modified 1969 Park Royal Atlantean can be seen in this view of Harmer Lane outside the now demolished sheaf valley swimming baths. Perhaps they should revive the idea to make Harry Potter feel at homeif he comes to South Yorkshire on a promotional tour for his third film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban which features a triple decker London RT Bus.

White Lane tram stop Gleadless

Virgin Cross country trains have a large span of routes throughout the UK.A Newcastle bound Intercity 125 can be seen in this 2003 view of White Lane tram stop at Gleadless.

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Woodhead Tunnel, Former Sheffield to Manchester railway route

A Link between Sheffield Supertram and Manchester Metrolink has long been seen as desirable in some quarters.A Sheffield tram bound for Meadowhall and a Manchester tram bound for Broadway can be seen in this picture of the mouth of Woodhead tunnel at the Longdendale end,on the former Woodhead rail route from Manchester to Sheffield. The Woodhead tunnel burrows deep under the pennines between Woodhead and Dunford Bridge therefore escaping the extreme weather that blight's the surface crossings during harsh winters. The most famous view of a Manchester tram is on the opening credits of the TV soap Coronation Street where as the Sheffield trams are featured in the 1997 film The Full Monty starring Robert Carlyle.

To see more on the electric locomotives usrd on the Woodhead Railway see my piece on the
Museum of Science and Industry style

Ocean Liner in Sheffield canal wharf

All Manner of craft can sail up the Sheffield Canal. The QE2 can be seen in this picture Sheffield Canal Basin. Possibly an attempt by Cunards to attract more customers from the local area onto it's world cruises. guestbook book with pen you tube video's

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