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Pint of Beer

Sheffield wife of Paul Beer claims he does not take enough exercise while drinking too heavily. Paul has countered his wife's allegations by setting up a swimming pool in his garden.

Optic Shower

Paul's wife Pauline Beer horrified by the cost of Paul's swimming pool demanded the outdoor shower she had always dreamed of, anxious to keep the peace Paul duly had one installed.

Bud Lights Pool

Paul's American Cousin Bud Light heard about Paul's new pool and decided to show the family his new theme park so invited them to his Florida Ranch.Of the family members who were able to attend Paul and Pauline , Geordie and Geordette Brown from Newcastle, and Paulo and Rose Vino from Milan all enjoyed riding the Bottle Flume, Paul and Pauline can be seen in the nearest car.Bruce Foster, Bud and Paul's cousin from Brisbane Australia enjoyed cooking on the barbecue while catching up on old times with Bud. Bruce's wife Sheila fell victim to one of Paul's brother inlaw Larry Lager from Birmingham's practical jokes when he threw her hat on to the top of a lamp post. Sheila took this in good spirits although Larry's wife Paula who was enjoying a dip in the pool at the time with Bourbon Light, and her grown up daughter Soda , was absolutely furious at her husbands behaviour.Pauline and Paula's Unmarried Sister Paulette Cider always enjoyed her trips to the States because she got to borrow Soda's top of the range rollerblades which were far better than the ones her boyfriend Jonny Walker had bought her for last Christmas

Christmas with the beers

The family always enjoyed Christmas at the Beers. The only downside of the day was Paul showing his slides after christmas dinner.Jonny Walker and Paulette Cider were to polite to say anything, Most of the other guests left the roomapart from Larry Lager who insisted on doing his Light Ale jokes even though these had been seen many times before.Paul's long suffering wife Pauline pleaded with Geordie Brown to switch off the projector. Geordie refused as he was enjoying the show so much.Pauline decided to leave the room to help Geordette and Paula with the dinner pots and watch the christmas edition of Eastenders on the portable TV before any more slides were shown. If you wish to see Paul's slide show click here.

Pauline Beer in the Kithchen

Meanwhile in the kitchen as Geordette finished off the washing up Pauline offered Paula another beer to which she said yes but whatever you do don't let Larry see that BBC Logo on the telly or we will never hear the end of his Beer's Broadcasting Company Jokes. Geordette also accepted Pauline's offer of a beer but Geordie and the Lads were so engrossed in the slide show they didn't hear Pauline ask them.

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