Dronfield - Troway - Gleadless

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Approx 5 - 6 mile walk
Approx 2 -3 Hours walk
Refreshments available Dronfield and Gleadless And limited refreshments available on route.
Please note this page was written some time ago and the pubs mentioned on route may have changed names or no longer be open.
If you intend using these please check before setting off.

This is a walk through an undiscovered but surprisingly beautiful area. This walk starts at Dronfield bottom at the junction of Green lane, Callywhite Lane and the main Sheffield Rd near the Railway Station and the Post Office. Dronfield can be reached from Sheffield and Chesterfield by train and bus For more details Traveline.

Dronfield to Troway

You set off along Callywhite Lane Follow the Road until you reach reach a sharp right hand corner after a long straight section Firth Wood Garage is on your left hand side just before the corner it should take about 15 minutes to reach this point. Just before the corner on your left hand side is the entrance to Firth Wood. Follow the tarmac road past the Firth wood sign. This is also signed to the Akedemy sports center Just before you reach the gates of the Sports center turn left into the woods and onto a path running up the side of the Sports center. A little further up this path you may go up to the fence and walk along the side of it or stay on the path in the woods. The path in the woods is sunken and the views are not very good. If you follow the path at the side of the fence it eventually brings you into some fields and more can be seen. Whichever path you choose they do run next to each other.

Looking back towards Dronfield an Callywhite Lane industrial estate from above the Akedemy

Looking back towards Dronfield an Callywhite Lane industrial estate from above the Akedemy

If you have chosen to walk on the path in the fields you can see Dronfield appearing behind you and the valley down to Chesterfield appearing on your right hand side.

View to Unstone and Chesterfield

Looking down the valley towards Chesterfield

You will shortly cross a stile where there is another stile imeadiatley on your left hand side at this point you may either cross the stile on you left or cross the fields on your right diagonally. If you cross the fields you will come out on an unsurfaced lane just before the small hamlet of Summerly. If you cross the stile on your left you will go back onto the path you left at the Akedemy turn right this will shortly bring you onto a unsurfaced lane. turn right you will soon see the path you could have taken accross the fields coming in on your right hand side.


The approach to Summerley

You then enter Summerley. The road becomes tarmaced. You then reach a junction here you turn left. You pass between to Houses and then the road starts to climb.

Summerly Derbyshire

Passing through Summerley

As you climb up the road the views become better behind you.

Chesterfield down the valley

The view towards Chesterfield

You will eventually reach a T Junction where you turn left.

View towards Southwest Sheffield

The view Looking back to Dronfield and Southwest Sheffield. In the distance the moors can be seen. These include Houndkirk moor that is featured in The Hunters Bar to Fox House walk.

Carry on along this Road and you will shortly reach another T Junction where you turn Right. Just before you reach the T Junction you will see Herdings Flats and Norton water tower these are both distinctive landmarks in Sheffield.

Herdings flats and Norton Water tower in the distance

Herdings Flats and Norton Water tower can be seen in the distance.

Once you have turned right you are on the Main Dronfield to Eckington road This is a busy road. You will pass Wards garden centre I understand there is a good cafe here. Just past the garden centre there is a unsurfaced lane on the left. At this point you have a choice

Across the road from Wards Garden Center

Turn down this lane to take main route of walk to the Gate Inn at Troway

You may take the unsufaced lane on the left and continue to Troway on the main route or stay on the main road to visit the Black A Moor Pub before continuing to Troway. If you choose to visit the Black A Moor Pub continue on the main road the pub is on your left hand side. The pub can be seen from time to time as you walk along the main road. Please note this pub has limited opening hours. When you leave the pub turn down the lane on the left next to the pub and you will shortly reach the Gate Inn at Troway.

Blackamoor inn Troway

The Blackamoor Inn

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If you choose to follow the main route, Once you have turned left onto the unsurfaced lane you will soon pass a farm on the left the lane then starts to go downhill. Shortly there is a path signed on the right this zig zags down a steep field at the bottom you cross a stile and a small stream then keep following this path eventually along the edge of some fields then between two walls and this will bring you out at th Gate Inn at Troway please note this pub has limited opening hours.

Gate inn Troway

The Gate Inn

Troway - Gleadless

On Leaving the Gate Inn walk down the lane past the Pub. Shortly You will turn down a footpath on your left hand side known as Doe Lane. you will Follow this path that is enclosed by trees for some time. You will eventually reach a wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and then take the right turn imeadiatley after the bridge.

Doe Lane, Troway

The bridge on Doe Lane.

You will cross a small stream on some stepping stones and then the path continues until you reach a farm known as Geerlane farm where the the path joins a unsurfaced road, turn left up the unsurfaced road past the farm house. You will then come to a T junction turn right here and then very shortly afterwards a path on your left hand side sets off up the edge of a field take this path. At this point you get a good view back to Troway.

Looking back towards Troway from behind Gerelane Farm

View looking back to Troway from above Geerlane Farm.

The path you have taken passes into woodland follow the path straight on you will shortly cross a stile and then walk up the side of another field. From here you can see Ridgeway on your right hand side.

View towards Ridgeway, Derbyshire

View towards Ridgeway.

As the path climbs up the field Charnock Estate at Gleadless comes into sight in front of you.

View towards Charnock, Gleadless, Sheffield

Journeys end can be seen, Charnock housing estate at Gleadless on the horizon.

You will eventually cross a stile pass through a few small fields heading down hill the path is obvious but don't turn off. You will reach a gate at the end of an unsurfaced lane. Follow the lane you will pass a small hamlet and then water pumping station. Keep going straight on and you will pass a childrens playground and then come out into the Charnock housing estate at a T junction. To get to Gleadless Townend at this junction turn right and then turn right again into Carterhall Rd. Walk up to the T junction at the end of this road and turn left You will pass White Lane tram stop. Continue up the the road for another 5 Minutes and you will be at Gleadless Townend. From here there are various frequent buses and trams you can catch to different parts of Sheffield lncluding the city centre. Visit Traveline. for more info. .

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