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Hi What a novel informative and useful website. Really liked the bus journeys Glad I found it Graham
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Bus travel from Sheffield to Chesterfield

I found your site excellent and it told me exactly what I needed to know in order to get to New Beetwell Street in Chesterfield. Well done. I look forward to exploring the rest of your site and visiting some of the other places mentioned.
Also senior citizens concessary travel passes can be used on on this route, according to a friend I spoke to about it last night.
Thank you.
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Hiya Great website at lunatic Travel - coming from Australia where the public transport system is no where near as good as the UK I can see you are spoilt for travel options.
I really appreciated all the photos along the different routes and the mini map which I can't readily find anywhere else.
I'm travelling to the UK this September and wanted to take a bus or train from Manchester to York along the best route through the Saddleworth Moors via Haworth to York. Wondered whether you have any suggestions for most scenic options?
Thanks again - Anthony

Anthony S Australia

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