Hunters Bar to Fox House

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This is a delightful walk up the valley of the River Porter just one of Sheffields river valleys where the water comes tumbling down off the Pennines and then across the moors to Fox House at the start of the descent into the Hope valley. The route follows a good well trodden path for the entirety of its route and is a steady climb with just a few steep hills. Please note the moorland section of the walk Ringinglow to Fox House can be very exposed in bad weather. This walk can be broken or started at various points along its route.

Endcliffe Park, Hunters Bar, Sheffield

Endcliffe Park, Hunters Bar

You may reach the start of this walk at Hunters Bar roundabout by bus or you may choose to walk up Ecclesall Road. There are frequent bus services from various points in Sheffield City Centre, the journey is only a short one for more information visit Traveline. If you should choose to walk it should take you approximatly 20 minutes from Moorfoot. To get to Ecclesall Road you have to cross the inner ring road either by a series of subways at the bottom of Charter Row or a shorter subway or pedestrian crossing at the end of South Lane if you take this route turn right and go through Waitrose car park. If you use the pedestrian crossing you will also have to cross London Road on another crossing. Ecclesall Road is a busy but pleasant tree lined road. If you are not familiar with the area see the Sheffield the A-Z or seek out one of the maps available on the internet.

Hunters Bar - Forge Dam

This walk starts at Hunters Bar roundabout. Pass through the gates to Endcliffe Park which are next to the roundabout and follow the path that goes more or less straight on until you reach a T junction where you turn right then past a childrens playground and a park cafe (not shown on map). Shortly after there is a fork in the path take the right hand fork across the river. Stay on the main path until you reach Rustlings Road. You will pass two dams both have a waterfall at the dam wall.

Waterfall in Endcliffe Park

Waterfall in Endcliffe Park

By now the Hustle and Bustle of Hunters Bar seems far behind.
Park keepers cottage, Rustlings Road, Sheffield

Park keepers cottage, Rustlings Rd

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Cross Rustlings Rd and pass into the next section past the park keepers cottage. Follow the main path. The walk becomes more and more wooded. You will pass Shepherds Wheel an example of one of Sheffields old water wheels.

Shepherds Wheel

Shepherds Wheel

Shortly after you will cross Highcliffe Rd.

Interesting birds Sheffield

Interesting wildlife can be found around the river Porter

By now the walk has become a woodland walk. After crossing Highcliffe Rd continue on the main path until you reach Whiteley Wood Road, this is only a short section. Cross the road and continue along the main path. You will eventually reach the lane at Forge Dam. At this point you may choose to finish the walk. If this is the case turn right up the lane keep going straight on up the hill until you reach Fullwood where there are frequent busses to Sheffield. For more information visit Traveline.. To continue with the walk turn left and follow the main path past the childrens playground note the large slide built into the hillside.

Slide at Forge Dam

The Slide at Forge Dam

This is always a favourite with the kids. There is also Forge Dam cafe that is open virtually every day of the year.

Forge Dam Cafe

Forge Dam Cafe

Forge Dam - Ringinglow

The walk continues past the café up a narrow path and round Forge Dam.

Forge Dam

Forge Dam

At the end of the dam the path crosses the river.

The path at the top of Forge Dam

The path at the top of Forge Dam

Continue along the main path until the next road crossing is reached. The walk by now is positively Rural. Cross the next road and head straight on until you reach a fork in the path you may take either fork the left hand one will take you to a surfaced lane Clough Lane the right hand fork carries on as a path eventually the surfaced lane veers off to the right the path joins the lane at this point. Clough Lane continues straight ahead as an unsurfaced lane.

Clough Lane, Porter valley, Sheffield

Clough Lane

Carry on along Clough Lane, Along this stretch of the walk there is a waterfall of some interest on the River Porter watch out for a wooden barrier on your right hand side. Eventually you will reach a stile on your left hand side leading into a field on a steep hillside the path up the hill is very easy to follow. This is the route of the walk. Clough lane meanwhile veers off to the right.

View of Sheffield city centre from Ringinglow

View down the Porter Valley to Sheffield City Centre from just below Ringinlow

Once at the top of the hill continue in a straight line over a stile built into a wall and into another field. Ringinglow can now be seen up ahead slightly to the right. You will come out of the fields onto Ringinglow Rd.

Approach to Ringinglow

Approach to Ringinglow

Turn right into Ringinglow. You may finish the walk here there is a limited bus service back to Shefffield visit Traveline. for more information. There you will find the Norfolk Arms Pub. Ringinglow also has an old tollhouse Known locally as the roundhouse.

From here you could follow my Dore Station to Ringinglow walk in reverse instead of carrying on to Fox House this is a very pleasant woodland walk

Click here to see the state of Britain in 2012 Nolfolk Arms Pub Ringinglow

Norfolk Arms Ringinglow

Ringiglow - Fox House

This section of the walk is very exposed in bad weather and usually takes at least an hour to complete Please make sure you have suitable clothing and footware. Leave Ringinglow by turning left down Houndkirk Road directly across from the Norfolk Arms Pub. The road starts as a surfaced road . The surfaced road shortly veers off to the left and becomes Sheephill Rd. Houndkirk Rd carries straight on as an unsurfaced road interestingly this is an old Roman Road.. The walk follows Houndkirk Rd.

Path to Houndkirk Moor

Path to Houndkirk Moor from Ringinglow

As you climb the views of Sheffield and its surrounding area become ever greater.

View over Sheffield and deep into South Yorkshire

View over Sheffield and deep into South Yorkshire

On your right hand side is a plantation of fir trees, when the track levels out the plantation ends and you pass through a gate out onto the open moors.

Looking back along the path to Ringinglow

Looking back along the path to Ringinglow

Follow the main track you will eventually cross Houndkirk Moor on a long straight section of path and then up a small rise.

Houndkirk Moor

Path across Houndkirk Moor

On your right there are good views across to Burbage Moor and Stanage Edge.

View to Burbage Moor and Stanage Edge

View to Burbage Moor and Stanage Edge

You will then be looking down at Fox House and into the Peak District beyond.

View to Fox House, Sheffield and the Hope Valley, Derbyshire

View to Fox House.

The A625 Road can be seen on your Left hand side keep following the track down the hill and it will join this road. Carry on Walking down the road and you will shortly arrive at Fox House.

View of Carl Wark from Fox House

View of Carl Wark from Fox House

The Pub serves Food and makes an ideal finishing point. The more hardy may wish to carry on and walk down Padley Gorge to Grindleford (this should take approximately 40 minutes - 1hour the route can be found on relevent OS maps) where you can catch a train either back to Sheffield or to Manchester For train times visit Traveline. From Fox House busses can be caught back to Sheffield these services pass Hunters Bar Roundabout on their way into Sheffield visit Traveline. for more information. Busses going away from Sheffield will either take you near to Grindleford station or take you near to other stations on the Hope valley line where trains can be caught to either Sheffield or Manchester for more information visit Traveline. for more information.

Fox House, Sheffield

Fox House

Also see my other walk Totley Brook Road to Fox House if you are feeling really fit you may choose to follow this route in reverse and walk back to Sheffield.

Alternatively you could extend this walk by following my Fox House to Fox House via the Grouse Inn and Grindleford walk.

Also see my
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