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Abbeydale Rd Sheffield to Lands End

The route from  Abbeydale rd Carterknowle Rd to lands end Cornwall

The route from  Abbeydale rd Carterknowle Rd to lands end Cornwall

 Bus stop Abbeydale rd Carterknowle Rd out of Sheffield

Bus stop Abbeydale Rd Carterknowle Rd out of Sheffield

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Set off from this bus stop on Abbeydale Rd in Sheffield at about 8.30 am take a 76 or a 75 bus towards Lowedges or Batemoor frequent service operater first to Woodseats libary on Chesterfield road takes about 5 minutes.

Then take a X17 stagecoach bus to Chesterfield bus station takes about 30 mins.
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Crooked Spire Chesterfield.

Chesterfield's most famous landmark the Crooked Spire.

To find out how the Crooked Spire became Crooked Click here.

Once in Chesterfield take the first avaliable red arrow service from just outside the bus station on New Beetwell St to Derby bus station operater Trent Barton takes about 1 hour.

Sat on Red Arrow in Chesterfield New Beetwell St awaiting departure

Awaiting departure in New Beetwell St on Red Arrow

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Inside Derby bus station

Inside Derby bus station. This bus station is a very pleasent place to have to wait for a bus

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From Derby bus station take the next avaliable skylink service to Leicester bus station via East Midlands Airport operater Trent Barton takes just over an hour and a Half. to see Skylink in more detail see my
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This will take you to St Margaret's bus station in Leicester

St Margaret's Bus Station Leicester

St Margaret's bus station Leicester

Take the next X6 to Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station from Leicester St Margaret's bus station operater MIKE DE COURCEY LIMITED takes 1 hour 15 Mins apprx.

From Coventry take the next No 16 bus to Stratford Upon Avon this leaves from Trinity st stop AB outside Sainsburys about 1 minute walk and across the road from Pool Meadow bus station operater Stagecoach this takes about 1 hour and 20 mins alight in Stratford Upon Avon outside Mc Donalds where it terminates. If all has gone well you should be leaving Coventry on the 15.05 number 16.

 Stratford Upon Avon

View of Stratford Upon Avon from top deck of a 28a bus (This bus is outside Mc Donalds but I bet William Shakespere never tasted a big mac and sat on the top deck of a 28a bus.)

Take the next 28a bus to Evesham from outside Mc Donalds where the no 16 drops you off. this journey takes about 45 mins.Operater Stagecoach. Alight in the centre of Evesham outsode Weatherspoons this bus did terminate here in Febuary

From Evesham take the next 540 Service to Tewkesbury from stand B in the centre of Evesham 1 stand down from where the 28a drops you off outside weatherspoons, in Febuary operater was Astons Coaches now traveline is telling me it is veolia just watch out for this journey time about 40 minutes. Alight outside Boots in centre of Tewksbury this bus did terminate here in Febuary.

From Tewksbury take the next 71 bus to Gloucester bus staition leaves from outside Boots same stop the bus from Evesham drops you off at operater Stagecoach journey time about 40 minutes. If all has gone well you should arrive in Gloucester about 7.30 in the evening where you will have to overnight. If things have not gone well you will have to overnight further back and will make your journey at least a day longer.

When I made this journey I found a bed and breakfast that cost 25 by chance but there is a travelodge if you struggle to find somewhere to stay.

Spalite bed an breakfast Gloucester

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Where I stayed in Gloucester

A street in Gloucester

A street in Gloucester

Next morning take the number 12 bus (was at 09.45 in Febuary) From Eastgate Street in Gloucester city centre towards Dursley and alight at Lower Cam jubilee tree in the high st keep your eyes peeled this stop is vety easy to miss Operater Stagecoach journey time about 40 minutes.

Cross over the road to stop on the other side and take the next 311 bus to Thornbury operater First journey time 45 minutes. Go as far as Thornbury medical centre.

From Thornbury medical centre take the 309 to Bristol bus station operater 1st journey time 1 hour 5 mins. When I made this journey in Febuary the service 311 became the service 309 at Thornbury so it was 1 bus from Lower Cam to Bristol if in doubt ask the driver.

Bristol bus staition

Bristol bus station

From Bristol bus station take the next 376 service to Wells bus station operater First journey time just under 1 hour.

Wells Somerset Market place

The market in Wells overshadowed by the cathederal.

Wells Cathederal

Wells Cathederal.

From Wells bus station take the next 29 service to Taunton bus station journey time about 1 hour and 20 mins operater First.

From Taunton bus station take the next 92 to Cullompton, Station Road Stay seated - the same bus normally operates the following journey Cullompton, Station Road (on Station Road) service 192 which you take to Exeter Bus Station operater First. Journey time about 1 hour to Cullompton and then 20 minutes to Exeter.

From Exeter bus station take the next X46 service to Torquay operater Stagecoach journey time about 45 minutes. You will have to Overnight in Torquay if all has gone well you should arrive abput 8.45 pm. If you miss the X46 you can arrive in Torquay later wih a change at Newton Abbot. Visit Traveline for details.

When I made this Febuary I alighted from the X46 at the stop just after Torre railway station and walked straight into a bed and breakfast there for 25 if you alight here there is also a travelodge across the road you may choose to stay on the bus and alight at the harbour which is its terminus. If u alight where I did there is fhe no 12 bayliner bus Newton Abbot to Brixham operater stagecoach which gives a good service to and from the harbour and takes about 5 mins. Torquay has plenty of b&bs and I am sure you will have no problem finding somewhere to stay.

Looking across Torquay Harbour by night

Looking across Torquay harbour by night.

Torquay seafront looking towards Paignton

Torquay seafront looking towards Paignton.

Torquay seafront looking back at Torquay

Torquay seafront looking back towards Torquay.

Next morning take the 10.00am X80 to Plymouth bus staition leaves from across the road from Torquay harbour just down from Weatherspoons operater First journey time just over an hour and a half.

From Plymouth take thee next availiable 592 Liskeard which the timetables tell me becomes the 593 to Columb St Major. You may have to change at Liskeard if in Doubt ask the driver but you need to go to Columb St Major. Operater Western Greyhound. Journey time just under 2 hours. The timetables tell me it leaves from Exeter St stand B6 just above Plymouth bus staition. When I caught it in Febuary it left from inside the bus station and was 1 bus to Columb St Major. Visit Western Greyhound and Traveline for more info.

Crossing the River Tamar at Saltash The border between Devon and Cornwall

Crossing from Devon into Cornwall over the river Tamar at Saltash taken from the window of the 592.

Isambard  kingdom Brunel s famous railway bridge of the.River Tamar at Saltash

Although difficult to see due to reflections in the bus window Isambard kingdom Brunels famous railway bridge can be seen running alongside the much newer road bridge over the Tamar.

Once at St Columb Major Interchange take the next 597 bus to Truro Operater Western Greyhound journey time about 45 mins. When I changed busses at St Columb Major I got back on the same bus I had come from Plymouth on to carry onto Truro as this became the 597 ask the driver if in doubt. This bus should drop ypu off at Victoria Square in Truro.

The centre o Truro county Seat of Cornwall overshadowed  by the Cathederal.

The centre o Truro county Seat of Cornwall overshadowed by the Cathederal.

From Truro take the next no 18 bus to Penzance bus staition operater First journey time apprx 1 hour 45 mins. The timetable shows it as leaving from the bus station but I caught it from the stop where the 597 droped me off in the town centre. The above picture was taken from next to this bus stop. The stop has a real time screen so will show you what is due. When I caught it here there were people already on the bus so I assume it must have started in the bus station. If all has gone well you should be arriving in Penzance between 5pm and 5.30pm.

Although you may still be able to carry on to Lands end without overnighting here (there is a hotel at Lands End) I would advise overnighting in Penzanve.

Penxance railway staition.

Penzance railway station which is right next to the bus station

Travel pass UK.Travel pass everywhere in Great Britain

             Penxance railway staition the end of the railway.

Penzance railway station the end of the line the trains dont go any further. Fourtunatly the busses do. This train is waiting to leave for Manchester which is about 40 miles to the west of Sheffield accross the Pennines. This train will be in Manchester in just over 6 hours Its taken 3 days to get here by bus just to put things into perspective.

The Scilloian Ferry

The Scillionian Ferry will get you to the Isles of Scilly the very last part of Britian but no busses will take you there.

When I made this journey when I arrived in Penzance I went to the railway station booking office and bought a very good priced rail ticket to Sheffield an advance single at 56.50 that used the night sleeper (The Night Riveara) to london Paddington and then a train from London St Pancras to Sheffield. To get this cheap fare it had to be booked the day before you travel. I then went and booked into a hotel on the seafront with an ensuite room 35 pounds.

The next morning catch the number 1 bus at 9.40 am from Penzance bus staition to Lands End operater First journey time about 1 hour. The swrvice 501 Western Greyhond also goes from Penzance to Lands End.

A narrow Cornish lane

Not a good place to meet a number 1 bus.

The A30 nearing the end.

The A30 road nearing the end.

Senan Cove.

The bus takes a short detour to Senan Cove but the scenery makes it well worth it.

Lasy bus stop in Britain Lands end Cornwall

You are there the last bus stop in Britian.

You alight from the bus to no fanfare no welcome and on Febuary morning a cold wet murky scene with barely a soul in sight and your knowledge of the journey you have just made from stop number 21110 in Sheffield to lands End car park as it is shown on traveline and you are probably the first and only person alive who will ever make this exact same journey memories of Coventry, Gloucester, Bristol, Torquay and Plymouth left far behind. You have traveled for 3 days and 1 hour amd you have run out of busses and road the only way is back. What a feeling jouney of a lifetime. All I cam say I did not know there were so many housing estates between Sheffield and Lands End and the bus driver seems to find every one of them.

The number 1 bus leaving Lands End for Penzance.

The number 1 bus leaving Lands End for Penzance after depositing me.

Lands End the end of the A30.

The end of the A30 at Lands End.

The famous sign at lands End showing the distance to New York amongst other places.

The famous sign at lands End showing the distance to New York amongst other places. No busses to New York from here.

Loking out to sea from the tip of Britain

Looking out to sea from the tip of Britain.

The Lands End hotel

The hotel at Lands End.

Cornish coast

The Cornish coast at Lands End looking dark and foreboding on Febuary morning.

The last house in Britian

The last house in Britian.

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