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A train ride from Chester to Liverpool

A journey along the Wirral on part on Merseysides local rail network

Operater Merseyrail
Journey time Apprx 45 mins

The rail service between Chester and Liverpool is frequent through the daytime with services starting early morning till late evening
Timetable download pdf format

Merseyrail train timetable Wirral line Chester Bache Capenhurst Ellesmere Port Overpool Little Sutton Hooton Eastham Rake Bromborough Bromborough Rake Spital Port Sunlight Bebington Rock Ferry Green Lane Birkenhead Central Hamilton Square James Street Moorfields Liverpool Lime Street Liverpool Central

Click here to download the current Wirral line Chester Birkenhead Liverpool Merseyrail timetable 25/9/13 in pdf format

Please note download was correct on the date shown on the link if in doubt visit
An explanation of pdf files Allow me to explain

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Spending any time in Liverpool
why not visit

Maritime Museum Albert Dock Liverpool

The Liverpool Platform Chester

The platform for trains to Liverpool at Chester. Because the trains to Liverpool are electric and recieve power through a third rail the Merseyrail trains have to use this platform as this is the only one where the track has a third rail

Third Rail at Chester

A closer view of thd third rail. Although the vast majority of trains in south east England use this system Merseyside is the only place in the north of England where this system is used

Liverpool train Merseyrail at Chester

Our train awaiting departure for Liverpool

On a Merseyrail train at Chester

On board awaiting departure for Liverpool

Chester railway depot

As we leave Chester we pass Chester depot

Merseyrail between Chester and Bache

Between Chester and Bache


Arrived at our first station Bache

Merserail between Bache and Capenhurst

Between Bache and Capenhurst

Speeding through Capenhurst

Speeding through Capenhurst. Please note as our tram not all Chester to Liverpool trains stop here see timetable for details

Between Capenhurst and Hooton

Between Capenhurst and Hooton

As we approach Hooton the line from Ellesmere Port joins us from the right hand side

As we approach Hooton the line from Ellesmere Port joins us from the right hand side

Hooton Station

Arrived at Hooton. Chester did not recieve the electric third rail until 1993 up until that date if you made this journey you would have had to change trains here from a diesel to a Merseyrail electric. I do remember making this journey in 1986 and having to do this. Now the journey is seamless and feels very different

Between Hooton and Eastham Rake

Between Hooton and Eastham Rake

Eastham Rake Station

Arrived at Eastham Rake

Got a business along any route of want a mention and a link click here for more info
Between Eastham Rake and Bromborough

Between Eastham Rake and Bromborough

Bromborough station

Arrived at Bromborough

Bromborough Rake Station

After Bromborough we stop at Bromborough Rake

Spital station

After Bromborough Rake its Spital

Port Sunlight station Merseyrail

After Spital we pull up at Port Sunlight

Bebington Station

Next stop Bebington

Between Bebington and Rock Ferry

Between Bebington and Rock Ferry

Bridge near Rock Ferry

Nearing Rock Ferry

Arriving at Rock Ferry station

Arriving at Rock Ferry

Rock Ferry Merseyrail

Rock Ferry Station, until 1985 this was as far as the Merseyrail electrics could run, then the electrics were extended to Hooton

Starting the descent into the underground

After Rock Ferry you can catch brief glimpses of Liverpool on the opposite side of the Mersey. Shortly afterwards we start to descend into the underground

Green Lane

We then arrive at Green Lane

Birkenhead Central

Next stop Birkenhead Central

Entering the Mersey rail tunnel at Birkenhead

Immediately after leaving Birkenhead Central we enter the Mersey Rail tunnel that will take us under the river Mersey and into Liverpool city centre.
The tunnel is yet another feat of Victorin engineering it was opened in 1886

Hamilton Square Merseyrail underground station

We arrive at Hamilton Square at this point we have still not crossed under the Mersey

James Street Merseyrail station

Next stop James Street we have now passed under the Mersey and are under Liverpool city centre on Liverpool's underground railway

On a Merseyrail train at Moorfields

We then pull up at Moorfields. Between James Street and Moorfields the announcements on board giving the final destination as Liverpool Central change the final destination has now become Chester as once the train leaves Liverpool Central it will continue round Liverpool's underground loop with the next stop been James Street heading back towards Chester

Liverpool Lime St Underground Station Meseyrail

Next Stop Liverpool Lime Street. This is Liverpool's main station

Liverpool Central Merseyrail

And finally our destination Liverpool Central as the train seamlesley carries on back to Chester

Alighting from a Merseyrail train James street Liverpool

One good place to alight from the train if you wish to explore Liverpool is James Street as in this shot which is near the waterfront. Come with me for a walk round Liverpool

Royal Liver Building Liverpool

Liverpools most famous landmark the Royal Liver Building. This building was built in 1911 for the Royal Liver Assurance and still houses them to this day

Liver building Merseyside Liverpool UK

The Royal Liver Building front a different angle. On the right hand side of this picture is one the Liver buildings neighbours the Cunard Building

Cunard Building and Port of Liverpool Building

The Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building can be seen in this shot. The Cunard Building was built in 1917 and was headquarters of the Cunard Shipping Line. It also housed facilities for passengers starting trans Atlantic journeys from Liverpool. Today it houses various organisations. The Port of Liverpool building was built in 1907 and was home of Mersey Docks and Harbour Board Offices, more commonly known as the Dock Office. Today it again houses various organisations.

The Mersey Ferry

Right next to these three famous buildings is the also famous Mersey Ferry forever enshrined in the famous 1960's Gerry and the Pacemakers track Ferry Cross the Mersey

Ferry cross the Mersey

Another view of the Mersey Ferry

Mersey Ferry at Pierhead

The Ferry sails from Pier head where we are now to Woodside and Seacombe.
Visit Mersey Ferries
website for more information

Mersey Estuary

View accross the Mersey

The Mueseum of Liverpool

View of the Museum of Liverpool at Pier Head

Tall ship in Dry Dock Liverpool

From Pier head walk past the Liverpool Museum you quicly arrive at the Albert Dock in this shot we can see a Tall Ship in Dry Dock

Tall Ship Liverpool

As we look towards the dock yet another tall ship moored up

Biily Fury Liverpool

Not only does the Albert Dock illustrate Liverpool's maritime importance but also its importance in the musical world for example this statue of Biily Fury a famous Liverpool pop star of the 1950's and 1960's my favourite of his is Halfway to Paradise

Tall ships Albert Dock Liverpool

More tall ships as we head deeper into the Albert Dock

If you are at the Albert Dock
why not visit

Maritime Museum Albert Dock Liverpool

sailing ship Liverpool

Did not know there were so many tall ships, This is wbat these docks were made for

Looking towards the Liver Building and the Liverpool Mueseum from the Albert Dock

Looking back towards the Liver Building and Liverpool Museum from the Albert Dock

The Bar Lightship Liverpool

The Bar Lightship Liverpool.
This whole place reminds of Hull another great seafaring city particularly with the lightship in Hulls case the Spurn lightship for more information visit my
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Albert Dock Liverpool

Looking back at the Albert Dock

The Pumphouse Albert Dock Liverpool

The Pumphouse on the Albert Dock

Looking towards Liverpool city centre from the Albert Dock

Looking towards Liverpool City Centre from the Albert Dock

Liverpool city Centre

A Main Shopping st in Liverpool City Centre

Radio City Tower Liverpool

The Radio City Tower Liverpool City Centre

Liverpool Lime Street Railway Station

Liverpool's main railway station Lime Street

Liverpool city centre from lime st station

A night view of Liverpool City Centre from Lime St Station

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