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A bus ride from Derby to Ashbourne

A Swift ride through the gentle countryside at the south end of the pennines

Route Swift
Operater Trent Barton
Journey time apprx 50 mins

This is an hourly service throughout the day
Timetable download pdf format

Download the Trent Barton Swift Derby Mackworth Kirk Langley Brailsford Slitalhill Ashbourne Mayfield Ellastone Denstone Rocester Uttoxeter timetable bus times

Click here to download the current Swift Derby Kirk Langley Brailsford Ashbourne Mayfield Rocester Uttoxeter bus timetable in pdf format

Please note download was correct on the date shown on timetable if in doubt visit
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On Swift awaiting to depart Derby Bus station

Onboard Swift awaiting to depart from Derby bus station the bus will have Uttoxeter as its final destination

Derby bus station

Pulling out of Derby bus station
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Passing Derby Market hall Markets

The bus leaves the bus station on Morledge and then passes Derby market hall that can be seen in this shot on Albert St

Victoria St Derby

We then pass into Victoria St which we are in now heading for Wardwick

Derby Central Library

In Wardwick passing Derby Central Library

Friar Gate Derby

We the pass into Friar Gate

Friar Gate Stafford St Ford St Derby

On Friar Gate approaching its crossroads with Ford St and Stafford St

Friar gate Passing its junction with Bridge St

On Friar Gate passing its junction with Bridge St the road has now become the A52 which we will be following to Ashbourne

Friar Gate Passing the end of Brick St

Traveling along Friar Gate the A52 past the end of Brick St just after this point the road becomes Ashbourne Rd

Ashbourne Rd Derby

Heading along Ashbourne Rd the A52 out of Derby

Markeaton Island Derby

Passing round the Markeaton Island on Ashbourne Rd the A52 Markeaton park can be seen on the opposite side of the Roundabout

Mackworth Derby Derbyshire

Passing Mackworth on Ashbourne Rd the A52. All Saints Mackworth and Markeaton church can just be seen in this shot

Passing Gold Lane on Ashbourne Rd the A52

Passing Gold Lane on Ashbourne Rd the A52

Ashbourne Road the A52

Between Mackworth and Kirk Langley on the A52 Ashbourne Rd

Kirk Langley Derbyshire

Passing through Kirk Langley on the A52 Ashbourne Rd

Leaving Kirk Langley

Leaving Kirk Langley on the A52 Ashbourne Rd

Snack bar on the A52

An old fashioned snack bar between Kirk Langley and Brailsford on the A52

passes Rose and Crown Brailsford

Passing the Rose and Crown Brailsford on the A52 that has now become Main Rd

Brailsford Derbyshire

Further through Brailsford on the A52

Painters Lane Brailsford Derbyshire

Main road the A52 becomes Painters Lane the A52 which we are now on between Brailsford and Ashbourne

A52 near Ashbourne

Heading along painter's Lane the A52 Getty closer to Ashbourne

Painter's Lane Derbyshire

Almost on the outskirts of Ashbourne on the A52

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Start of the Eastern end of the Ashbourne bypass

The roundabout at the start of Ashbourne bypass. Here we take the old road into Ashbourne which is Derby Road

Turning of Derby Rd into Old Derby Rd Ashbourne Derbyshire

Once on Derby Rd we take the next left onto Old Derby Rd which we are doing in this shot

Willow Meadow Rd Ashbourne

We then turn left onto Willow Meadow Rd which we are on now passing the end of Pine Croft

Wyaston Rd Ashbourne

At the end of Willow Meadow Rd we turn right into Wyaston Rd which we are doing in this shot

Old Derby Road Ashbourne

We then turn right back onto Old Derby Rd which we are about to do in this shot

Springfield Avenue Ashbourne

We then turn let into Springfield Avenue which we are on now

Dropping down into Ashbourne along Derby Rd

We turn left again into Derby Rd and drop down into Ashbourne with good views accross the town

Approaching Ashbourne centre

Approching Asbourne Centre

Ashbourne bus station

Arriving at Ashbourne bus station from here the bus continues to Uttoxeter

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St John St Ashbourne

St John St in the Centre of Ashbourne

Ashbourne Market Place

Ashbourne Market Place


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