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A journey from Sheffield to Sheffield via the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District. Could be interesting but you do need a car.

Day 1

Sheffield to Tan Hill

If have 2 and a bit days to spare love camping, drinking and travel and are a bit crazy you would love this one.

From Sheffield city centre preferably late Friday afteroon head for the M1 motorway and then head North. Pull in at Woolley edge Service Station between Leeds and Sheffield well thats what I did but only to take a picture.

Wooley edge service station

Woolley Edge Services

Once turning out of the service station follow the M1 north to th A1 north and then follow the signs to Richmond.
The strech of the M1 on the outskirts of Leeds just north of its Junction with the M62 and the M1 are used in my
bus ride from Leeds to Hull.
and the M1 is crossed on my
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and on my
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The A1 is used on my
bus ride from Berwick Upon Tweed to Holy Island (Lindisfarne)
and my
bus ride from Newcastle to Berwick
It is crossed in my
bus ride from Sheffield to Doncaster
and my
bus ride from Leeds to Hull
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bus ride on Yorkshire Coastliner from Leeds to York
and my
bus ride from Carlise to Newcastle

I stopped in Richmond a beautiful and typical North Yorkshire market town. There are plenty of eateries here.

Richmond market place

Richmond Market place

Richmond North Yorkshire.

Another view Richmond

On leaving Richmond follow the road to and signs to Reeth.

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Looking up the road towards Reeth in Swaledale.

You are now truely in the Yorkshire. Dales. Once in Reeth take a right just after the village green. There is a sign for Bernard Castle at this point follow this road and a sign to Tan hill will appear where we are headed. This is the highest pub above Sea level in Britian at 1732 feet to be precise. (In my opinion the best pub in Britian to) where we will spend the night.

Tan Hill is the highest pub in Britian the Cat and Fiddle Pub between Buxton and Macclesfield is the second highest pub in Britian to see this pub click here

The road to Tan Hill

The road to Tan Hill. The road will take you through some truely wild upland countryside.

A Pennine Way pub.

Tan Hill Inn.

The Tan Hill Inn.

Sheep at Tan hill.

Some of the locals they are friendly

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A badly put up tent.

Tan Hill Inn

Approaching Tan Hill on Pennine Way as a walker might see it with welcoming light's.

Pennine Way

Looking south along the Pennine Way towards Keld this would eventually bring you to Edale in Derbyshire after about 2 weeks walking.
To find out more about Edale
A walk from Hope to Edale via Castleton
Edale the Horseshoe walk.

Tan Hills fire place

Tan Hills fire place the fire allegedly never goes out.

The Wolf and the Whistle. A scary pub name on the wall at Tan Hill.

The Wolf and the Whistle. A scary pub name on the wall at Tan Hill.

Stainmore Gap

Looking over the Stainmore Gap towards the A66 from Tan Hill.

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             West towards Cumbria.

Looking west from Tan Hill.

Tan Hills technical information.

Tan Hills technical information.

You can enjoy a drink here or lots of drinks if you choose as we are not moving till next day

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