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A journey from Sheffield to Sheffield via the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District

Day 2

Tan Hill to Buttermere

On waking up next morning turn out of the pub car park and head west (the same direction you were headed the night before) and follow the road to the first Right hand turn believe me this will take some time. You will cross from North Yorkshire into Cumbria on this stretch of road.

Planning on using buses and boats in Cumbria download the pdf version of the Go Cumbria bus timetable guide showing times of many bus services in Cumbria and all ferry services on Lake Windermere, Coniston, Ullswater and Derwent Water, along with prices of various day tickets and loads of other useful information

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The road heading west away from Tan Hill.

The road heading west away from Tan Hill.

More of  the road heading west away from Tan Hill.

More of the road heading west away from Tan Hill.

When the right hand turn is reached take the turn you will shortly see the main A66 road a modern dual carrigeway in front of you will cross the long abandoned Darlington to Penrith railway then join the line of the old A66 and then join the modern A66.

Track bed of the Dalington to Penrith railway.

The trackbed of the long since abandoned Darlington to Penrith railway.

The line of the old  A66 just to the west of its summit.

The line of the old A66 just to the west of its summit running just below the modern road.


Joining the modern A66.

The A66 heading west just below its summit.

The A66 heading west just below its summit. This strech of the A66 is arguably one of the most important roads in the UK linking the A1 at Scotch Corner with the M6 at Penrith Britians two main north south routes. The modern road is a tribute to road builders of our time allowing veichles to travel at high speed through some of the most breathtaking but harsh and difficult upland terrain in the UK. How many of us give a second thought to the engineering feats behind this when using these types of road that provide us with seamless high speed travel. The engineers behind these roads have to be on a par with thier counterparts from the 1800's who built the railways.

To show just how exposed this road can be in winter black and white snow poles can just be seen in this photo these enable rescuers to follow the line of the road to find trapped motorists during heavy snowfall.

Once you are on the A66 follow the road past Penrith to Keswick. Before Penrith you will as you Pass Appleby you will be on the Appleby bypass to see a view out of a train crossing this road see my train ride from Leeds to Carlisle. This is a well signed road. Although the 50 mile strech of the A66 between Scotch Corner and Penrith is one of the countrys most important roads and most of it is now dual carrigeway there are still bits left that are still two lane and relatively windy. After crossing the M6 motorway at Penrith the road looses some of its importance but is still a major route into the Lake District and to Workington on the Cumbrian coast.
To see a view off a Glasgow to London Euston express crossing this road at Penrith see my train ride from Carlisle to Preston page
As you follow the road towards Keswick the mountains of the lake district draw ever closer.

The A66 heading into the Lake District.

Heading along the A66 towards Keswick the mountains of the lake district can be seen in the distance.

As you approach Keswick the sign's will direct you off th A66 into Keswick town centre as the A66 is now the Keswick bypass. Once in the the town centre my recomendation would be to follow the signs to the lake and park at the car park there (this will cost you but in Keswick you have little choice but to pay to park anywhere) this makes for a short walk to the town centre and the lake.
Keswick is a pleasent town with many shops and eateries. It is on the shore of Derwentwater and sits in shadow of Skidaw one the lake districts best known mountains.


Keswick town centre.

Giraffe in Keswick

There are some strange animals in Keswick. Look at this metal Giraffe.

Derwentwater Lake District



An interesting shot of a pier on Derwentwater.

Looking up Derwent water.

Looking up Derwentwater in the direction of Borrowdale.

Hire a rowing boat

Rowing boats are available for hire on Derwentwater. I can strongly recomend this. if you do if you hire it for 2 hours it would give you time to row out to the main island 3 hours would give you time to land on the island and have a look round.

Birds. Ducks and Gease.

Some of the locals.

When you are ready to leave Keswick if you have parked in the car park I recommended when you reach the T junction at the end of the access road turn right following the Borrowdale sign. This will take you up the beautiful Borrowdale through Borrowdale village up over the spectacular Honister Pass and drop down into Buttermere.


In Borrowdale.
In Borrowdale there is a village called Grange that is responsible for Grange Over Sands gaining the Over Sands Bit of it's name to find out how see my
A train journey from Lancaster to Carlisle via Barrow in Furness and the Cumbrian Coast

Heading up Borrowdale.

Heading further up Borrowdale.


Seatoller the last village before the Honister Pass.

Climbing up the Honister Pass

Climbing up the Honister Pass..

Dropping down the Honister Pass.

Dropping down the Honister Pass just after the summit. At the summit you will find the Honister Slate mine that is open to the public.

Honister Pass

After stopping about a third of the way down the pass this is the view looking back.

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             A steep sided Honister Pass

Looking up the side of the pass.

The Srees

The screes in the pass are very deceptive like an optical illusion. they appear small and close by but if you can make a small figure out in this photo things should put the whole thing into proportion. This shows the distance is great and the rocks are large.

Looking down the Honister Pass.

Looking down the pass

Buttermere Lake

First view of Buttermere at the foot of the Honister Pass

The Fish Hotel Buttermere.

The Fish Inn in Buttermere village a wonderful place to spand that evening.

Buttermere village.

Buttermere village.

             Travel pass UK.Travel pass everywhere in Great Britain.

Buttermere campsite

The campsite at Buttermere its very close to the pub.

Buttermere bus stop with sheep.

Some of the locals waiting for a bus supprisingly there is a reasonably good bus service to and from Keswick during the day from here.


Buttermere lake from the village end. I have never been anywhere as peaceful and relaxing as Buttermere which even the name suggests. If heaven is a place on earth this is definitely it.

 Come with me for a walk round Buttermere.

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