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A journey from Sheffield to Sheffield via the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District

Day 3

Buttermere to Sheffield.

Planning on using buses and boats in Cumbria download the pdf version of the Go Cumbria bus timetable guide showing times of many bus services in Cumbria and all ferry services on Lake Windermere, Coniston, Ullswater and Derwent Water, along with prices of various day tickets and loads of other useful information

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Next morning when you are ready to leave proceed out of Buttermere village past the Bridge Hotel and turn left follow the road and this will bring you to the shore of Crummock Water.

Crummock Water.

Crummock Water.

Crummock Water Cumbria.

More of Crummock Water this is a supprisingly big lake.

The Cumbrian fells.

Once the road leaves the lake it clmbs up the mountain side.

When the road reaches a T junction follow the Cokermouth sign. Look out for a right hand turn that has a Keswick sign shown as 8 miles.Take this and follow the Keswick signs. They will take you over the Whinlatter Pass. This is a pleasent wooded pass with a visitor centre. As you drop down from the pass Bassenthwaite Lake can be seen on the left. You will come out on the A66. Turn right and stay on the A66 Keswick bypass following the Windermere signs.

Keswick bypass

The Keswick bypass Skiddaw can be seen ahead.

As the Keswick bypass finishes you wil be directed off the A66 the road you are directed onto will come to a T junction where you thrn left still following Windermere you are now on the main Keswick to Windermere road that will take you through Grassmere, Ambleside and to Waterhead at the head of Lake Windermere Englands largest lake.

The road to Windermere.

The road to Windermere from Keswick..

Dual Carrigeway

Believe it or not this is a Dual carrigeway where this picture is shot. we are on the original road and the opposite carrigeway is below us on the right. The way this road was built was to leave the original road as one way and build a new carrigeway for the opposite direction. This gives the strange phenomon of a windy hilly narrow carrigeway in one direction and straight or sweeping flat and wide carrigeway in the opposite direction.

The road turing back to two lane again.

The road turning back onto 2 lane again. At the end of the dual carrigeway.

The scenery near Thirlmere.

The Scenery near Thirlmere. Thirlmere is passed on your right and is not accually a natural lake most lakes in the lake district are. They were carved out by glaciers in the last ice age. Thirlmere is a Resovior built by Manchester Corporation in the 1800's to supply the city of Manchester with fresh water.

More Dual carrigeway.

Short section of dual carrigeway in the mountains.

Approaching Grassmere.

Approaching Grassmere.

You pass through Grassmere. This was home to the famous lakeland poet William Wordsworth.

Rydal Water.

Quick glimpse of Rydal Water as we pass.



Once in Ambleside follow the road through to Waterhead pier this is situated at a set of traffic lights take th little slip to the left. Turn right and there is a pay and display on Your right. There are many things to see and do in this area but for me boats on the lake have got to be number 1

I bought a Freedom of the lake ticket that lasts all day and is valid on most boats on the lake.

Waterhead pier

Waterhead Pier officialy called Ambleside Pier.

The Teal arriving at Ambleside.

The Teal arriving at Waterhead pier.

Windermere Cumbria

Looking down lake Windermere from Waterhead.

Once here we leave the car and spend the day on Windermere with a freedom of the lake ticket.

 Come with me for a cruise on Lake Windermere part 1

 Come with me for a cruise on Lake Windermere part 2

Timetable download pdf format

Download the Windermere Lake Cruise timetable boat times fare guide

Click here to download the current Windermere Lake Cruises timetable and fare guide in pdf format
An explanation of pdf files

When you are done on Windermere follow the main road down the side of the lake following Windermere and Kendal signs you will eventually pass Windermere railway station.
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Keep following Kendal and then M6 signs The M6 signs will take you onto the Kendal bypass. My tip is not to go straight to the motorway but follow A6 Milnthorpe sign and take the A6 south to join the M6 at Carnforth. This cuts o a corner and is a pleasent diversion. If you choose to do this you will be signed off the Kendal bypass onto another dual carrigeway and then more or less straight off just follow A6 Milnthorpe and then Carnforth sign's.

The A6 between Kendal and Carnforth.

Leaving the Lake District on the A6 this strech of road crosses from Cumbria into Lancashire. The A6 is also used on my
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Limestone outcrop.

View to the west off the A6 just north of Carnforth.

As you approach Carnforth M6 signs appear follow this you will go onto the A6 M6 link road. Then follow the Preston and Lancaster M6 South signs. You will then be heading south on the M6.

Old end of the M6 at Carnforth.

The A6 M6 link road at Carnforth. In days gone by this was just the end of the M6 and all the traffic heading north towards Carlisle and Scotland would have to travel up the A6. Nowadays traffic has the luxury of continuing north on the M6.

This area is passed through on my
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Heading south on the M6 proper

Heading south on the M6 proper.
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Preston bypass.

The M6 passing round Preston. Interestingly this stretch of road was the first bit of motorway in Britian known as the Preston bypass. Of course it is totally unregonisable today from when it was built.
This strech of road is passed under at Higher Walton on my
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When passing Preston follow the M61 Manchester signs.

M61 at rivington services.

View of the M61 at Rivington Services. This service station was originally called Anderton services.
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As you approach Manchester follow the Leeds M60 signs once you are on the M60 which is Manchester ring road. The M60 can be seen being crossed in my
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Once on the M60 ignore Leeds and follow the Oldham signs you will eventually pick up the Sheffield signs. The Sheffield signs will direct you onto the M67. This only a relativly short section of road that will bring you onto the A57 at Motram Top. If you are feeling really brave instead of going round the Manchester ring road you could stay on the M61 and go through Manchester city centre and follow the A57 out of the city centre to join the M67 at the same place.

Spending any time in Manchester
why not visit

Museum of Science and Industry Manchester

The M60

The M60 going round. Manchester.
Part of our route on the M60 between its junction with the A56 just south of Bury and its junction with the M66 is also used on my
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The end of the M67.

Approaching the end of the M67. There has always been a vision of contiuing this road over pennines into South Yorkshire but due to the difficult geography coupled with enviromental concerns this has never happened. Motorists traveling over the pennines are stuck to using the old roads beyond here.

At the end of the M67 you carry on on the A57 following Sheffield signs. You will shortly travel down Motram hill. When you reach the bottom turn right at the set of Traffic lights following A57 Glossop. At this point if you follow the Sheffield signs you would be directed over the A628 Woodhead Pass which is really considered the main Manchester to Sheffield route and following these Sheffield signs to thier conclusion you would end up on the M1 and entering Sheffield on the Sheffield Parkway. Ironically the Sheffield Parkway on entry to Sheffield. is the A57 and if you had followed the signs you would be traveling westbound into Sheffield along the same road you had just been traveling eastbound on in the Manchester area.
However we will follow the A57 Snake Pass Pass that will take you directly into Sheffield city centre if you choose. At this point there is no sign to Sheffield using the A57 but these do appear later. After passing through the Derbyshire town of Glossop we climb back into the wilds again


Passing through Glossop.

Climbing out of Glossop on th A57 towards the Summit of the Snake Pass.

Climbing out of Glossop on th A57 towards the Summit of the Snake Pass.

Bleaklow as seen from the A57

Bleaklow seen from the A57.

A57 Snake pass summit.

On the roof of the world the Snake Pass summit on the A57.

Just east of Snake Pass summit

Heading Eastbound on the A57 dropping down from the Snake Pass summit.

Nearing the Snake Inn.

Nearing the Snake Inn.

Click here to see the state of Britain in 2012

The A57 from the Snake Inn car park.

View of the A57 from the Snake Inn car park. Pherhaps a sign of how awful the economic situation is in Britain 2012 the pub is closed on a summer Sunday evening 30 years ago it would have been open and had customers how things have changed.

Ladybower Dam.

A glimpse of Ladybower Dam.

As you follow the road you will eventually pass Ladybower dam a right hand turn will appear at a set of traffic lights at the eastern end of the dam. here you have a choice you can follow the A57 straight on that will eventually bring you out in Sheffield city centre or take the right and head down to Bamford. We are going the Bamford route ideal for the south west side of Sheffield.
Bamford gets a mention in my
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Pass through Bamford when you get to the T junction turn left onto the A625 follow this road through Hathersage and then up Hathersage hill. You could stay on the A625 this will take you to Sheffield city centre via Fox House beautiful run but we are going to take one last diversion that will bring back memories of Tan Hill.
As you are Climbing Hathersage hill you will see a pub called th Millstone on your left shortly After this there is a left hand turn take this and follow the road over Burbage Moor. The landscape is very similar to that around Tan Hill when you get to the highest point it is hard to believe you are only 20 minutes drive away from Sheffield city centre. This diversion is simple just stay on the same road do not take any turn offs As you start to descend You will cross from Derbyshire into South Yorkshire and the City of Sheffield and the lights of Sheffield will be spread out in front of you if it is dark. You will pass through Ringinglow and Bents Green and rejoin the A625 at Ecclesal which will take you into the city centre.

The lights of Sheffield

The lights of Sheffield as you drop down off Burbage moor this picture does not really do the view justice.

This is the end of the journey hopefuly you will have had a fantastic three days. You will have seen some of Englands most spectacular scenery.

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