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A journey from Sheffield to Sheffield via the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District.

A cruise on Lake Windermere.

Part 1

I bought a Freedom of the lake ticket on Lake Windermere. This ticket lasts all day and is valid on the majority of sailings on the lake. Windermere is 10 and half miles long 1 mile wide at its widest and 220 feet deep at its deepest.Boat is the best way to see this lake so sit back and enjoy the views.
Timetable download pdf format

Download the Windermere Lake Cruise timetable boat times fare guide

Click here to download the current Windermere Lake Cruises timetable and fare guide in pdf format
An explanation of pdf files
Planning on using other buses and boats in Cumbria download the pdf version of the Go Cumbria bus timetable guide showing times of many bus services in Cumbria and all ferry services on Lake Windermere, Coniston, Ullswater and Derwent Water, along with prices of various day tickets and loads of other useful information

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To see a power boat that broke British and world immersed propeller records on Lake Windermere see my piece on the
Museum of Science and Industry Manchester Miss Windermere V1

The teal Windermere.

Boarding the Teal at Ambleside for the 10.50 sailing to Bowness and Lakeside on 15th July 2012.

lake Windermere the Teal  waterhead pier

This is quite a large boat. There are three large boats on the lake of which this is one the Swan the Teal and the Tern.

Bow of the teal.

View from the front of the Teal as it sets off from Ambleside.

 View of the lake from inside the Teal

View of the lake from inside the Teal

 The shore of Windermere near Low Wray Castle

The shore of Windermere near Low Wray Castle opposite Ambleside.

Early morning at Low Wray Campsite on Windermere.

Early morning at Low Wray campsite on Lake Windermere. This photo was taken in 1989 with a throw away camera on a beautiful summers morning this been such a beautiful shot I had to put it on. It was taken near the shoreline you can see on the shot above.

 Heading down the lake.

Heading down the lake.

Inside the Teal.

Inside the Teal.

Looking back to Ambleside

Looking back to Ambleside.

Docking at Bowness

Docking at Bowness.

We are alighting at Bowness on Windermere this pherhaps the best visited place in the lake district. The journey from Ambleside will have taken about half an hour.

Bowness on Windermere.

View of Bowness on Windermere. Currently 2012 the building you can see is a Crown Carvery where on every day but Sunday you can get a roast meal for under 4 which is quite something to think where you are the views from inside this building are spectacular.

Swans at Bowness on Windermere.

Swans at Bowness the birds here are so tame and used to humans they will take food out of your hand.

Looking up Lake Windermere towards Ambleside from Bowness.

Looking up Lake Windermere towards Ambleside from Bowness

The Teal at Bowness Pier.

The Teal waiting to depart for Lakeside.

Shortly after arriving I spot a Island Cruise about to depart that takes about 40 minutes and goes for a cruise round the islands in the Bowness area. Having got a freedom of the lake ticket I board this cruise and spend a very pleasent 40 minutes.

Setting off from Bowness  on the Island Cruise passing Belle Island

Setting off from Bowness on the Island Cruise passing Belle Island

The Island Cruise

These cruises can get busy.

Looking back towards Bowness.

Looking back towards Bowness.

The slipway on the western side of Windermere for the Hawkhead car ferry.

The slipway on the western side of Windermere for the Hawkhead car ferry can be seen in this shot.. This ferry takes cars across the lake with a frequent service and saves drivers a long drive around the lake.

Click here to see the state of Britain in 2012

The Swan Lake Windermere.

Passing the Swan making its way towards Lakeside. Also note the yacht in this picture. Windermere can be a very busy lake.

Yachts on Windermere.

Yachts at anchor on Windermere near the Shore this is a common sight around here.

Canoeists on Windermere.

All manner of craft use Windermere. Canoeists can be seen in this shot.

Looking north up Windermere from beetween the Islands.

A view northwards from the western side of Windermere between the Islands.

A rocky outcrop on Windermere.

A rocky outcrop note the warning sign guiding boats away from the underwater rocks.

The Teal leaving Bowness for Ambleside.

The Teal leaving Bowness for Ambleside as we reach the end of our island cruise.

The Tern at Bowness.

The end of our Island cruise. The boat we have Disembarked from can just be seen on the left the Tern can be seen docking having just arrived from Ambleside.

A yacht at Bowness.

If you have the money one of these would be a perfect way to see the lake.

Now its time to explore Bowness there are many shops and eateries here.
When you are ready to continue our cruise Click on the link below.

 Come with me for a cruise on Lake Windermere part 2

Click here to visit Windermere Lake Cruises for fares and information.

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