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A journey from Sheffield to Sheffield via the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District.

A cruise on Lake Windermere.

Part 2

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Download the Windermere Lake Cruise timetable boat times fare guide

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Planning on using other buses and boats in Cumbria download the pdf version of the Go Cumbria bus timetable guide showing times of many bus services in Cumbria and all ferry services on Lake Windermere, Coniston, Ullswater and Derwent Water, along with prices of various day tickets and loads of other useful information

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When you are ready to leave Bowness take a boat to Lakeside at the south end of th lake journey time 40 mins.. I caught the 14.55 but check the timetables and allow enough time to get back as in 2012 the last northbound sailing was 16.50 from Lakeside.

On board the Teal.

Leaving Bowness on the 14.55 sailing to Lakeside. We are onboard the Teal again.

The interior of the Teal on lake Windermere.

The comfortable interior of the Teal.

Looking back towards Bowness.

Looking back into Bowness Bay

The mountains behind Ambleside as seen from Lake. Windermere

A superb view of the mountains behind Ambleside as we head. further south down the lake

Heading south towards Lakeside

View south towards Lakeside..

Lake Windermere

Looking back north from the stern of the Teal towards Ambleside

Lakside getting ever closer.

Lakeside getting ever closer.

Lakeside ferry terminal.

Lakeside. Note the train waiting for the arrival of the boat. Lakeside has all the makings of a ferry terminal. The railway is now a preserved steam railway the Lakeside and Haverthwaite railway but in days gone by this was one way people got to the lake and its towns by train and boat. The line ran up from Ulverston on the mainline to Barrow in Furness
To see a little bit more about this see my
train journey from Lancaster to Carlisle via Barrow in Furness and the Cumbrian.Coast.

Windermere town is still on the modern rail network I must add so can be easily reached by train. Interestingly the 3 large boats were operated by the railway in the past including Sealink until the early 1980's. A freedom of the lake ticket can be bought that costs just a little more than the basic ticket that allows a trip on the train to.

Docking at Lakeside.

Docking at Lakeside.

Teal moored at Lakeside.

The Teal at Lakeside waiting for 15.45 sailing to Bowness and Ambleside.

The 15.45 train departure to Haverthwaite leaving Lakeside.

The 15.45 train departure to Haverthwaite leaving Lakeside.

The Teal leaving Lakeside.

The Teal leaving Lakeside with the 15.45 departure to Bowness and Ambleside seen from the railway station.

Click here to see the state of Britain in 2012

Lakeside ferry terminal.

The quayside at Lakeside.

Looking north on Lake Windermere from Lakside

Looking up the lake from Lakside.

The Tern at Lakeside.

The Tern arriving at Lakeside with the 15.15 sailing from Ambleside via Bowness.

The Tern Docking at Lakside.

The Tern docking at Lakside.

After spending just over an hour at Lakside we board the 16.50 sailing to Bowness which was the Tern when I made this journey. This vessel as you can see from the pictures is very different to the Teal and the Swan. Please note the 16.50 sailing from Lakside is the last sailing of the day out of Lakside and only goes as far as Bowness where we will have to change to carry on to Ambleside.

Inside the Tern.

Inside the front cabin of the Tern.

Front cabin of the Tern.

Looking out of the front cabin of the Tern at the bow

The Tern leaving Lakside with the 16.50 departure to Bowness.

Onboard the Tern leaving Lakside with the 16.50 departure to Bowness.

Looking back at Lakside.

Looking back at Lakside.

View from inside the Tern as she ploughs northwards

View from inside the Tern as she ploughs northwards

The bow of the Tern

The Tern heading north up Lake Windermere.

The deck of the Tern.

Looking back towards Lakside along the deck of that Tern.

View of the Windermere car ferry the Hawkshead ferry from the Tern.

As we approach Bowness ths Hawkshead car ferry that carrys cars across Windermere saving drivers a journey around the lake can be seen.

Passing the marinas as we approach Bowness.

This shot gives you some idea of how many boats there must be on Windermere when this is the view approaching Bowness.

The Tern Docking at Bowness.

The Tern docking at Bowness.

We disembark from the Tern at Bowness where it terminates and join a smaller vessel for the rest of the journey to Ambleside.
We board the 17.40 sailing to Brockhole and Ambleside journey time 35 minutes. If you wish to stay in Bowness for a little longer there was one more boat to Ambleside at 18.15 but this did not run for the full period of the season see the timetable for details.

The local boat to Ambleside.

On the smaller boats you get to sit with the driver.

Hugging the eastern shore of Windermere.

The small boats hug the eastern shore of Windermere on the journey north giving some good views of things you dont see off the big boats as these stay in the middle of the lake.

Looking back towards Bowness.

Looking back towards Bowness.

Heading north towards Brockhole and Ambleside.

Heading north towards Brockhole and Ambleside.

Looking across Windermere towards Langdale Pikes.

Looking across Windermere towards Langdale Pikes

Brockhole pier

Although this boat is supposed to stop at Brockhole the captain had been told there was no one wanting to get on here so he asked anyone wanting to get off here to inform the crew to which no one did so we became a flyer through Brockhole.

Hotel at Windermere

The sight of this building means we are nearing Ambleside.

Ambleside Pier

Ambleside Pier ahead.

Boat on Windermere.

The boat that has just brought us up from Bowness. It is now waiting to take the last sailing of the day back to Bowness.

After disembarking a short walk back to th car and the journey home.

 Come with me for a cruise on Lake Windermere part 1

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