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A bus ride from Goole to Hull
X55 Peturia Express

A bus ride along the north bank of the Humber

Route X55 Peturia Express
Operater East Yorkshire Motor Services
Journey time apprx 1 hour 23 mins

This is a daytime service and runs approximately once every 2 hours. However it runs in conjunction with the X56 which runs on a different route for part of the journey between the two services there is roughly an hourly an hourly service between Goole, Howden and Hull see timetable for more details.
In Goole the bus will have Howden as its destination but this will change at Howden and become Hull.
Timetable download pdf format

X55 X56 X57 Peturia Express East Yorkshire Motor Services  Goole, Howden, Gilberdyke, Newport, North Cave, South Cave, Elloughton, Brough,.Bus Times Timetable

Click here to download the current X55 X56 X57 Peturia Express Goole Howden Gilberdyke Newport North Cave South Cave Elloughton Brough Hull bus timetable in pdf format

Please note download was correct on the date shown on timetable if in doubt visit
An explanation of pdf files Allow me to explain
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Edinburgh St Goole

Awaiting departure in Edinburgh St directly across the road from the Railway Station and the bus stop where the 88 from Doncaster drops you off. The X55 starts in North St a few streets away but Edinburgh St is where I boarded

Please note as of January 2014 Peturia now the bus stop on the opposite side of the road to where this shot was taken where the 88 drops you off in front of the railway station there is a timetable at the stop. It then does a loop round Goole before heading up Boothferry road

Boothferry Rd Goole East Yorkshire

We then turn onto Boothferry Rd which we are on in this shot

Approaching the juntion of Boothferry Rd and Airmyn Rd Goole

Approaching the Junction with Airmyn Rd the A614 we are about to joun the route of the X62 Leeds to Hull bus

Aimyn Road Goole

We are now approaching the main stop of the X62 in Goole on Airmyn Road as it does not run into the town centre to us on the X55 it is just a stop on the way out of Goole

The M62 Goole

Crossing the M62 on the A614 that has now become Boothferry Road.
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The A614 Boothferry Rd looking at the M62 crossing the river Aire

On the A614 Boothferry Road just before we cross the Boothferry Bridge over the river ouse the bridge we can see is the M62 bridge over the River Ouse this is known as the Ouse Bridge

Crossing the Boothferry Swingbridge

Crossing the Boothferry Swing Bridge on the A614

The Ferryboat Inn

Passing the Ferryboat Inn. At this point we turn left and leave the A614 Boothferry Rd and follow the similarly named Booth Ferry Road to head into the centre of Howden. We also leave the route of the X62 Leeds to Hull bus at this point. From this point we sporadically follow parts of the X62 route as we travel into Hull

Booth Ferry Road Howden East Yorkshire

On Booth Ferry Rd heading towards Howden

Knedlington Road Howden

We then turn right into Knedlington Rd and enter Howden which we are doing in this shot

Pinfold St Howden East Riding of Yorkshire

We then turn left onto Pinfold St and Howden Minster comes into view

Passes Howden Minster

Howden Minster

Howden Centre

Awaiting departure for Hull on Pinfold St overlooking the war memorial. Most people who pass through Howden only know it as where they come off the Moterway and head off to Bridlington and the east coast skirting round the edge of Howden not seeing the town centre. But they are missing a treat as it looks like a interesting place to linger.
The destination on the blind will now become Hull at this point

Bridgegate Howden

We then pass through St Helens Square that now becomes the A63 and into Bridgegate the A63 which is where we are now

Hull Road Howden

We then pass down Flatgate the A63 that then becomes Hull Road.the A63 where we are now

Crossing the A614 in Howden

We then cross the A614 at this roundabout on the outskirts of Howden before proceeeding along Main Rd

Main Rd East Yorkshire Howden

Traveling along Main Rd this was formally the A63 but has now been downgraded to a B road

Long Lane between Howden and Eastrington

We then turn left along Long Lane heading for Eastrington

Crossing the Selby to Hull railway line on Howden Rd Eastrington

Long Lane becomes Howden Rd which we are on now crossing the Selby to Hull railway line on a narrow bridge

Howden Rd Eastrington East Yorkshire

Traveling down Howden Rd towards Eastrington

Passes the Black Swan Eastrington High St

Howden Rd becomes High St as we pass through Eastrington at this point we are passing the Black Swan on High St

Pinfold S Eastrington

At the end of High St we turn left into Pinfold St which we are about to do in this picture

Passes Eastrington Station

Pinfold St turns into Station Rd in this shot we are about to cross the Selby to Hull railway at Eastrington Station on Station Rd

M62 East Riding of Yorkshire

We then cross the M62 motorway on our way back to Main Rd the former A63

Main Rd between Eastrington and Gilberdyke

Rejoining Main Rd the former A63

Main Rd heading towards Gilberdyke East Yorkshire

Heading along Main Rd towards Gilberdyke

Crossing the Selby to Hull railway on Main Road Gilberdyke

Crossing the Selby to Hull railway on Main Rd just before Gilberdyke

Gilberdyke East Yorkshire

Entering Gilberdyke. We take the right hand turn we can see in this shot down Clementhorpe Rd

Scalby Lane Gilberdyke

We then follow the road round into Scalby Lane

Thornton Dam Lane Gilberdyke

We follow Scalby Lane that then becomes Thornton Dam Lane where we are in this shot

Main Rd Gilberdyke

We then rejoin Main Rd the former A63 turning right

Main Rd Gilberdyke approaching the White Horse Inn

Back on Main Rd leaving Gilberdyke about to pass the White Horse Inn on our way to Newport

Main Rd between Gilberdyke and Newport

Makung our way along Main Rd between Gilberdyke and Newport

Newport East Yorkshire

Passing through Newport on Main Rd the former A63

Main Rd approaching its junction with the A63

On Main Rd approaching its junction with the A63

Crossing the A63 at North Cave

Main Road turns into Newport Rd and then we cross the A63 before joining it. This is where the M62 changes into the A63 to most motorists this is known as North Cave. The village of North Cave lies just to the north east of the junction

Joining the A63

BWe then join the A63

Traveling along the A63

Making our way along the A63

Leaving the A63 East Yorkshire

Leaving the A63 to go into Elloughton and Brough

Turning right to Brough

At the end of the slip road we turn right towards Brough

South Cave and sewells Service Station

We then negotiate the roundabout at South Cave and Sewells Service Station

Road to Brough

We then head for Elloughton and Brough

Roundabout at junction of cave road and Stockbridge Road

Roundabout at the junction of Cave Rd and Stockbridge Rd we will be taking Stockbridge Rd to Elloughton

Stockbridge Rd Elloughton East Riding

Entering Elloughton on Stockbridge Rd

East Yorkshire Motor Services EYMS Depot Elloughton

We then pull into the EYMS depot at Elloughton this doubles up as the main bus stop here there is very often a driver change here

Inside Elloughton bus depot

A quick peek inside the bus depot


A view of Elloughton as we await departure for Hull

White telephone Box

We leave the bus depot back onto Stockbridge Rd and then imeadiatly turn right into Main St to head for Brough. Note the white telephone box these are unique to the Hull area

Main St Elloughton

Heading down Main St towards Brough

Junction of Elloughton Road and and Welton Road Brough

Main St becomes Elloughton Rd and then we hit the junction with Welton Rd in Brough into which we turn left which we are about to do in this shot

Passes Morrisons Welton Rd Brough East Yorkshire

Heading up Welton Rd past Morrisons

Welton Rd Brough East Yorkshire

We then keep following Welton Rd at this roundabout back towards the A63

A63 Brough

Crossing the A63

Joining the A63

Rejoining the A63 for our run into Hull

A63 passing the North Ferriby turn

On the A63 passing the North Ferriby Junction we are heading for Hull non stop

The A63 North Ferriby

Passing round the back of North Ferriby on the A63

The Humber Bridge

Shortly afterwards the Humber Bridge comes into sight

The Humber Bridge and the Humber Estuary

We gradually get a better view

Passing under the Hummer Bridge

Then we pass under the bridge

Hessle Railway station from the A63

We then speed past Hessle railway station

Railway at the side of the A63

We are now on the Clive Sullivan Way running at the side of the main railway into Hull

Humber Estuary from the A63 the Clive Sullivan Way

Running along side the Humber Estuary on the Clive Sullivan Way

Passing St Andrews Quay Hull

Passing the back of St Andrews Quay on the Clive Sullivan Way

Albert Dock from Clive Sullivan Way

Passing the back of the Albert Dock

Leaving the A63 to head into Hull city centre

Leaving the A63 Clive Sullivan Way to head into Hull City Centre

Madeley St Hull

The slip road off the A63 turns into Madeley St which we are on now

Hull Royal Infirmary from Rawling Way

We then travel along Rawling Way to the junction with Anlaby Rd at Hull Royal Infirmary

passes Hull Royal Infirmary on Anlaby Rd

We turn right into Anlaby and pass the hospital

Anlaby Road Hull East Yorkshire

Traveling along Anlaby Rd towards Hull city centre

Hull Paragon Station from Anlaby Rd

Passing Hull Paragon Station which is part of Hull Interchange which is where we are heading after a loop round the city centre

Approaching Hull city centre on Analby Rd

Approaching Hull city centre. Note the sign to the ferries that will take you to Holland and Belgium

About to cross Ferensway and enter Hull city centre on Anlaby Rd

About to cross Ferensway and enter the city centre

Carr Lane Hull

Shortly after entering the city centre Anlaby Rd turns into Carr Lane which we are on now

Queen Victoria Square Hull

We then pass the Statue of Queen Victoria in Queen Victoria Square

Princes Quay Shopping Centre Hull

On the opposite side of Carr Lane at this point is the Princes Quay Shopping Centre that can be seen in this shot

Queens Gardens Hull

A view of Queens Gardens as we turn out of Carr Lane into Queens Dock Avenue

Vernon St Bond St Hull

We then go onto Vernon St before passing onto Bond St we are about to go onto Bond St in this shot

Jameson St Hull

We then turn left into Jameson St which we are on in this shot

King Edward St Hull

We then travel up King Edward St which we are doing in this shot

Brook St Ferensway Hull

We turn left into Brook St and then cross Ferensway to go into Hull Interchange which we are about to do in this shot

Hull Iterchange East Yorkshire

Arriving at Hull Interchange our terminus

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