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The Great Orme Tramway Llandudno

A tram ride up the Great Orme Llandudno North Wales

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A superb heritage journey with classic views from Llandudno's Great Orme

Journey time Appx 20 mins

Travel in a way only the Victorians knew how to

The Great Orme Trameay Victoria station Llandudno

The Great Orme Tramway, Victoria Station Llandudno. The station is on Church Walks

Great Orme Tram Llandudno awating departure

Our tram awaiting departure to the halfway station

Llandudno tram station from a tram

Looking back at the tram station as we await departure

Awaiting departure up the Great Orme

Awaiting departure

The start of the Great Orme tram

The way ahead up Old Road

Plas Rd Llandudno

Shortly after leaving the tram station we pass the end of Plas Rd

Kings Head Old Road Llandudno

On the left hand side we pass the Kings Head pub

Old Road Llandudno off a tram

Proceeding up Old Road

Tabor Hill Llandudno

We pass the end of Tabor Hill

On a tram making our way up old Road

This shot taken as we make our way up the hill shows Old Road is no more than a narrow lane. The rocky limestone outcrops above us now come into view

On a tram joining Ty-Gwyn Rd

About to Join Ty-Gwyn Rd that leads up to the Summit of the Great Orme note the Modern traffic lights at this junctoin showing the line that gives the tram right of way

Junction of Old Road and Ty-Gwyn Rd

Looking back at the junction from the left hand side of the tram, Llandudno's magnificent sea front is now coming into view

Great Orme Trams passing Ty-Gwyn Rd

Shortly after joining Ty-Gwyn Rd we pass the tram heading back to Llandudno at the passing point on this strech of line

View of a Great Orme tram

Looking back at the passing point

Limestone outcrop Great Orme

A close up view of a Limestone out crop from the tram as we head up Ty-Gwyn Rd

Tram Tracks Ty-Gwyn road

Making our way up Ty-Gwyn Rd. It has probably become apparent to you from these pictures walking up the Great Orme is not for the faint hearted

Llandudno from a tram

The view from the tram is fantastic and really should not be missed

Great Orme Sign Ty-Gwyn Rd

A sign appears telling us we are o and motorists we are on the Great Orme. The building we can see is the Half Way Tram station where we change trams

View back down towards Llandudno off a tram

View back as we approach the Halfway Tram Station

Halfway Tram Station Sign

Arrived at the Half Way Tram Station this is where we change onto another tram for the final leg to the summit

Tram Lines Llandudno

Looking back towards Llandudno from the Half Way Station

Disembarking from a tram half way station Great Orme

Disembarking from the tram to make our way to the tram that will take us to the summit

Tram winding gear Llandudno

The winding gear and cables that have hauled the tram from Victoria Station

The Great Orme Tramway (Welsh:Tramffordd y Gogarth) is a cable-hauled 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm) tramway. This is Great Britain's only remaining cable operated street tramway and one of few surviving in the world.
Operation of the tramway differs from the better known San Francisco system in that it is not a cable car but rather a street running funicular (similar to Lisbons Glória, Bica, and Lavra funiculars), where the cars are permanently fixed to the cable, and are stopped and started by stopping and starting the cable. As one car is ascending, the other is descending, and they meet midway.
The tramway was opened on two stages: the lower section on 31 July 1902 and the upper on 8 July 1903. The two sections operate independently, with two cars on each section which are mechanically separate. The lower section is built on or alongside the public road and has gradients as steep as 1 in 3.8 (26.15%). The cable on this section lies below the road surface in a conduit between the rails. The bottom half of the section is single track, but above the passing loop it hasinterlaced double track. In comparison, the upper section is less steep, with a maximum gradient of 1 in 10 (10%), and is single track apart from a short double track passing loop equipped with points actuated by the flanges of the passing cars. The rails are interrupted to accommodate the cable.The original power house, at the Halfway station between the lower and upper sections, was equipped with winding gear powered by steam from coke-fired boilers. This was replaced in 1958 by electrically powered apparatus. In 2001, the entire Halfway station, its control room and its power plant were completely rebuilt and re-equipped. The tramway uses four tramcars, in service since 1902. An overhead wire telegraph was formerly used for communication between the tram and the engineer-driver in charge of winding the drum, and has been replaced with an induction-loop radio-control system.The tramway has three main stations, the lower station named "Victoria" after the hotel that formerly occupied the station site, the middle one aptly named 'Halfway', and the Great Orme Summit station. Passengers must change trams at the Halfway station as upper and lower funicular sections are physically separate.

Tram awaits departure for summit at Half Way station Great Orme Llandudno

The tram that will take us to the summit

Start of the upper section of Great Orme Section

The start of the upper section of the Great Orme Tramway. The cables that will haul us to the summit can be seen in this shot. It has to be remembered the two sections of the tramway operate completly separatly from each other

Awaiting departure on a Llandudno Tram half way station

Awaiting departure

Interior of a Great Orme Tram Llandudno

The splendid interior of a Great Orme Tram

Leaving the half way station.on a tram headed for Great Orme summit

The way ahead

Cable cars Great Orme

As we leave the station we get a good view of the Great Orme Cable Cars

Tram climbing up the Great Orme

Climbing upwards

The Great Orme Copper Mine

We pass the Great Orme Copper Mine

Great Orme passing point

We approach the passing point on the upper section of line

A passing tram

A descending tram

Looking back to Llandudno from a tram on the Great Orme

Looking back to Llandudno

Looking back down the line Great Orme

Looking back down the line

Ty-gwyn Road

Looking accros Ty-gwyn road towards the mouth of the conwy estuary

Great Orme summit complex

As ee approach the summit station we pass the summit complex

Arriving at the Great Orme summi station

Arriving at the summit station

Inside the Great Orme summit tram station

The end of our journey

Great Orme Museum Entrance

The tram summit station platform the entrance to th Great Orme museum can also be seen in this shot

Looking down the Great Orme in the direction of the Half Way Station

Looking back down the track in the direction of the Halfway Station

Disembarking from a Great Orme Tram at the summit

Disembarking from the tram

Great Orme.tramway summit station

Summit Station. Note the queue to board the tram

Great Orme summit complex

The summit complex this houses shops a restaurant and a bar

Summit Station and Great Orme Museum

View of the summit station and Great Orme Museum

Model of Great Orme

A model of the Great Orme in the museum

Lighthouse light bulb Llandudno

The bulb from the old Great Orme Lighthouse. The building that once housed this is now a very unusual bed and breakfast

The Holyhead to Liverpool semaphore telegraph

The map above shows the line of the Holyhead to to Liverpool semaphore telegraph that was erected in 1827 to alert Liverpool ship owners thier ships had past Holyhead on there way to Liverpool there were various signaling stations along the way of which one was on the Great Orme. On a clear day a message could be sent the 76 miles in just under 30 seconds

Crazy Golf Great Orme

A crazy thing Crazy Golf on the Great Orme

Great Orme Cable Car Station

Great Orme Cable Car station

View towards Penmaenmawr from Great Orme Summit

View towards Penmaenmawr from Great Orme Summit

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The Trig point at the summit of the Great Orme

The Trig Point that marks the Summit of the Great Orme. From here we can see the Little Orme and then Colwyn Bay Abergele and beyond in the far background

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