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The journey back from Lands End to Abbeydale Rd via Penzance, St Ives, Camborne, Penzance, London, Sheffield, Leeds, Skipton, Preston, Burnley, Halifax, Huddersfield and Sheffield.

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 Lands. End Cornwall

Lands End

Time to leave Lands end and make the journey back. The journey starts sensibly but when northen England is reached becomes totally mental but good for travel addicts.

 The last and first bus stop at Lands End Cornwall

The last and first bus stop at Lands End Cornwall.

walk back to the last bus stop and take the 501 service operater Western Greyhound back to Penzance journey time about 1 hour.

I had stayed at Lands End for about 1 hour (It was a very wet day when I was there on the 10th Febuary 2012) but you may want to stay longer. There is also the services 1 and 1A back to Penzance. It all adds up to an hourly service between. Lands End and Penzance.

I arrived back in Penzance at about 12.40 my train was not until 21.45 so I decided to catch the no 16 bus to St Ives journey time about 30 mins operater First.
On arrival at St Ives bus station a walk down into the town and the seafront is well worthwhile. The bus station is perched on the hillside above the town.

St Ives Harbour

Looking across St Ives harbour with the tide out.

St Ives beach bueatiful white sand

The beach at St Ives bueatiful white sand.

Cheeky birds

Lots of cheeky birds in St Ives

Seagull at St Ives

A seagull in St Ives

The harbour entrance at St Ives

The harbour entrance at St Ives

There are plenty of eateries in St Ives if you are feeling peckish.

I then caught the number 14 bus to Camborne Operater First journey time apprx 1 hour.

After a brief walk around the town I caught the number 18 bus back to Penzance operater First journey time about an hour. Once back in Penzance I had a walk along the seafront in the dark. The sea was quite choppy and coming over the wall in places. I then retreated to weatherspoons to wait for my train.

While sat in weatherspoons the telly was warning of harsh winter weather along the route back to Sheffield which was hard to believe as Penzance was wet but temperatures were very mild.

Anyway as the time arrived I made my way to the Station to board the 21.45 Night Riveara First Great Western service to London Paddington journey time 7 hours and 25 minutes. By booking over 24 hours in advance I had got a very good fare of 56.50 using the night train to London and the first train of the day to Sheffield grom London a journey of just under 500 miles.

The tail end of the Night Riveara at Penzance.

The tail end of the Night Riveara at Penzance.

The Night Rivera

The 21.45 Night Rivera Service to London Paddington at Penzancr on Friday the 10th Febuary 2012 shortly before departure.

Inside the Night Rivera

Inside the Night Riveara

Swindon 03.10 on Saturday 11 th  February 2012

Swindon at 03.10 on Saturday 11th Febuary 2012.

I awoke at Swindon feeling cold as the heating was still set for the temperatures in Penzance but now it was icy outside and snow lay on the ground.

London Paddington.

Arrival at London Paddington.

Arrival at London Paddington

Arrival at London Paddington at 05.10 on Saturday 11th Febuary 2012.

London Paddington is reached 7 hours and 25 minutes after leaving Penzance.
I have 1 hour to get to London St Pancras. Catch an Eastbound Central line tube train to Kings Cross, St Pancras.

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London St Pancras

London St Pancras.

Once at St Pancras catch the 06.10 East Midlands Train service to Sheffield journey time 2 hours 40 mins.

London St Pancras east midlands trains and eurostar

The 06.10 East Midlands Trains servive to Sheffield on the 11th of Febuary 2012 at London St Pancras shortly before departure. A Eurostar train can also be seen.

Arrive in Sheffield at 08.50. At this point any sane person after a night traveling would go back to Abbeydale road and then go to bed. After all it is less than 15 mins away from Sheffield city centre.
But in my case as usual insanity takes over. I took the 09.18 Northern Rail service to Leeds journey time apprx 1 hour.

To see the journey from Sheffield in more detail see my
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On arrival in Leeds I walked to Leeds city bus starion where i took the 10.55 X84 service to Skipton bus station journey apprx 1 hour 35 mins operater First.
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A snowy landscape at Draughton in North Yorkshire

A snowy landscape at Draughton near Skipton North Yorkshire taken off the X84.

Skipton town centre

Skipton town Centre.

Skipton gets a mention on my
train ride from Leeds to Carlisle

From Skipton. bus station I took the next available X80 or 280 to Preston bus station operater Lancashire United journey time apprx 1 hour 30 mins.

Preston town hall

Preston town hall.

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Fire eater.

A man eating fire in Preston town centre

Man playing with fire.

He's still playing with fire.

After a brief walk round Preston I went back to the bus station and caught the next 152 service to Burnley operater. Lancashire United Journey time apprx 1 hour 30 mins.
The 152 route can be seen in detail on my
bus ride from Preston to Burnley

Burnley bus station

Burnley bus station.

From Burnley I took the next 594 service to Halifax operater First journey time apprx 1 hour 15 mins.

From Halifax I took the next 503 service to Huddersfield bus station operater First journey time apprx 35 mins. There are a fair few other routes you could use between the two towns as well. This journey was also made in my
bus ride from Halifax to Huddersfield

Harold Wilson

Statue of Harold Wilson a former prime minister from the 1970's outside Huddersfield railway station Huddersfields most famous son.

From Huddersfield bus station its a short walk to the railway station. After a brief stop at the statue of Harold Wilson I board the 20.18 Northern Rail service to Sheffield journey time 1 hour and 18 mins.

Huddersfield railway station

The 20.18 Northern Rail service to Retford via Sheffield at Huddersfield on Saturday 11 February 2012 shortly before departure.

This journey was also made in my
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Passing through Barnsley view from the train that evening.

At 21.36 I arrive at Sheffield Midland station and walk into the city centre and take a bus from high street to stop number 21110 on Abbeydale Rd in Sheffield and complete the journey really can't remember what number I caught but there are lots of busses pass that stop as it is on a main road out of the city. As for me Sanity has returned AT LEAST FOR NOW.

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