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A bus ride from Kendal to Keswick

A journey through one of the most beautiful places on earth the English Lake District it really is mountains and lakes all the way.

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train ride from Oxenholme to Windermere
as part of this journey can be made by rail as well as bus.

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Operater Stagecoach
This service is usually a through bus from Lancaster Monday to Saturday but just runs from Kendal to Keswick on Sundays.

Journey time is juat over 1 hour and 30 mins.

Dowmload the Stagecoach 555 timetable in pdf format

Download the Stagecoach 555 Lancaster Carnforth Milnthorpe Kendal Windermere Waterhead Ambleside Grassmere Dunmail rise Keswick timetable bus times

Click here to download the current Stagecoach 555 Lancaster Kendal Windermere Ambleside Grassmere Keswick bus timetable in pdf format

Please note download was correct on the date shown on timetable if in doubt visit
An explanation of pdf files
Planning on using other buses and boats in Cumbria download the pdf version of the Go Cumbria bus timetable guide showing times of many bus services in Cumbria and all ferry services on Lake Windermere, Coniston, Ullswater and Derwent Water, along with prices of various day tickets and loads of other useful information

Go, Cumbria, bus, ferry, guide, times, timetable, travel.

Click here to go to the download page

Kendal Bus station

Kendal Bus station. This where the bus from Oxenholme railway station will drop you off if you have chosen to make the journey from Oxenholme to Windermere by bus and not train from here you will have to continue on the bus route we are now taking
For times of buses from Oxenholme to Kendal Download the
41/41a timetable pdf version
or visit

Also Kendal is the first stop on the Oxenholme to Windermere branch so can be reached by train as well as bus.

Before we leave Kendal lets have a little look round.

Kendal town centre

Kendal town centre.
Kendal of course is home to the world famous Kendal mint cake.

Miller Bridge Kendal

Miller bridge crossing the the River Kent in Kendal Cumbria.

History of Miller Bridge

The history of Miller Bridge from the Kendal civic society

River Kent in Kendal

Another view of the river Kent running through Kendal.
We cross the estuary of the river Kent on the Arnside Viaduct as it flows out into Morecambe bay on my
train journey from Lancaster to Carlisle via Barrow in Furness and the Cumbrian

Back at Kendal bus station

Back at Kendal bus station. We will be taking the Reays 555R bus that that can be seen in this picture (Please note Reays no longer operate on this route it is Stagecoach only) the Stagecoach 555 was not far behind us.

Climbing out of Kendal

Climbing out of Kendal towards the Windermere end of the Kendal bypass

On the A591

On the A591 we will be using this road for most of the journey to Keswick

Staveley Cumbria

We turn off the the A591 for a short distance and pass through.the village of Staveley

Leaving Staveley

Leaving Staveley

On th A591 between Staveley and Windermere

Back on the A591 between Staveley and Windermere

Windermere Railway Station

Windermere Railway Station

If you chose to use the bus from Oxenholme to Windermere this is where you would alight and either walk or catch another bus to Bowness Pier. If you are traveling to Waterhead pier or Ambleside at the north end of Lake Windermere stay on the bus as it passes both on its way to Keswick.

As Keswick does not have a railway anymore Widermere is now one of the places where people using the train to get there would leave the rail network to make the last bit of the journey by bus. Penrith and Workington are the other two places that have a good bus service into Keswick and a Railway

We will be using the same route used in my
bus ride from Windermere to Coniston
from Windermere railway station to Ambleside

Lake Windermere Cumbria

After leaving Windermere Railway station the bus drops down to the shores of Lake Windermere following the A591 heading north towards Ambleside

Nearing the north end of Lake Windermere

Nearing the North end of Lake Windermere

Passing Waterhead Pier.

Passing Waterhead Pier

Ambleside Church

Passing Ambleside Church

The main bus stop in Ambleside

The main bus stop in Ambleside

On the road between Ambleside and Rydal water

On the road between Ambleside and Rydal water

The start of Rydal Water.

The start of Rydal Water

Rydal Water off the A591

Islands in Rydal Water

Rydal Water from the 555 bus

Heading to the end of Rydal water

Between Rydal Water and Grassmere.

Between Rydal Water and Grassmere.

Grassmere Cumbria


Turning into Grassmere Village

Turning off the main road into Grassmere village

Passing through Grassmere Village

Grassmere Village. Grassmere is where the famous Lakeland Poet William Wordsworth lived his home was Dove Cottage

Red telephone box in Grassmere

Heading out of Grassmere back towards the A591, Note the red telephone box this is a rare sight nowadays

Back on the A591 at Grassmere

Back on the main road.

Climbing the Dunmail Raise.

After Grassmere we start to climb a mountain pass known as Dunmail Raise.
A point of interest the A591 between Windermere and Keswick has been voted Britain's favourite stretch of road and it is really not hard to see why

Dunmail Raise off a 555 bus.

Climbing higher up the pass. Unfortunately it started to rain and sleet at this point which really was not good for taking pictures

Dunmail Raise Cumbria

Even through the blury windows you still get a feel of been in the mountains

Approaching the summit of the Dunmail Raise.

Approaching the summit of the Dunmail Raise at this point the road becomes a dual carriageway for a short section you can just see the road splitting out of the front of the bus.

Dropping down towards Thirlmere

Dropping down from the summit towards Thirlmere.

Thirlmere Reservoir

Thirlmere Reservoir.
This is a man made lake built by Manchester Corporation in the 19th century to supply Manchester with water via a 96 mile long construction known as the Thirlmere Aqueduct

Thirlmere Cumbria

A bit further north along Thirlmere.

The A591 towards Keswick

Between Thirlmere and Keswick

Lakeland scenery from the A 591

A little further towards Keswick

Dual Carrigeway on the A591 near Keswick

At this point we are on a dual carrigeway. This one is unusual because one side uses the old road that is hilly and windy and the new carrigeway is straight and flat we are on the northbound carrigeway that is the straight one the southbound carrigeway can just be seen in this shot.

Heading towards Keswick on the A591.

A great view as we near Keswick

Lakeland from a bus

Another great view just before we drop down into Keswick

Keswick bus station

Keswick bus station.
Lets have a little look round Keswick

A cold and wet Keswick marketplace.

A cold and wet Keswick marketplace. Very different to how most people see it on a warm summers day.

A mist covered Skidaw.

A mist covered Skidaw

Derwentwater Keswick. Cumbria

A deserted Derwentwater in summer there would be hoardes of people around.

Ducks at Derwentwater

Of course the locals are always here

Derwentwater in winter

Despite the cold and wet there is something quite magical about the Lake District at this time of year

Derwentwater towards Borrowdale

Looking along Derwentwater towards Borrowdale.

View taken in Keswick Cumbria

A view taken from the short walk between Keswick town centre and Derwentwater


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How to link local buses to make long distance travel

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