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Sheffield to Buxton service 65
Sheffield to Buxton service 65
Buxton to Macclesfield service 58

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A bus ride from Macclesfield to Manchester.
The number 130 bus.

This is a pleasant journey through East Cheshire and southern Greater Manchester. It passes through some very wealthy areas Alderly Edge and Wilmslow to name but two. The home of stockbrokers and footballers. Take the 130 Arriva service bound for Manchester from Macclesfield bus station journey time about 1 hour 50 minutes. These run every half an hour.
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Download the Arriva 130 Macclesfield Nether Alderly Edge Wilmslow Handforth Cheadle Parrs Wood Burnage Oxford Road Manchester timetable bus times

Click here to download the current 130 Macclesfield Alderley Edge Wilmslow Handforth Cheadle Parrs Wood Burnage Manchester bus timetable in pdf format

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Macclesfield bus station.

Macclesfield bus station.


Passing round the Edge of Macclesfield town centre.

Macclesfield hospital.

The bus goes into the grounds of Macclesfield hospital.

Between Macclesfield and Alderly Edge.

There is a long rural section of the route between Macclesfield and Nether Alderly.

Nether Alderly.

At the end of this rural section the bus takes a right onto the A34 and passes into Nether Alderly. The route from here seems to follow the A34 proper or what used to be the A34 before it was modernised and bypasses had been built for a lot of its journey into Manchester.

Nether Alderly mill

Passing Nether Alderly mill.

The Alderly Edge

Arriving in Alderly Edge.

Passing through Alderly Edge.

Passing through Alderly Edge. This place really does have a feel of affluence about it.

The Merlin pub near Alderly Edge

Passing the Merlin pub this really appears quite upmarket.

Royal London.

Royal London even have premises here.

Nearing Wilmslow

Nearing Wilmslow.

Wilmslow Cheshire



Shortly after Wilmslow the bus does a circuit round the oakenclough council estate.

Approaching Handforth.

Approaching Handforth the feel to this area is still one of affluence.



Between Handforth and Cheadle

Between Handforth and Cheadle.



Passing Parrs Wood

Passing Parrs Wood entertainment centre. We have just rejoined the A34 at this point.


Entering Burnage on the A34.

Getting closer to Manchester city centre.

Getting closer to Manchester city centre.

Glass building.

A modern building on the Edge of Manchester city centre.

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Railway through Manchester city centre.

Passing under the railway that passes through Manchester city centre from Manchester Piccadilly to Deansgate. This line forms a very important link and is used by trains traveling all over the UK.
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Manchester city centre.

Heading towards Piccadilly Gardens through the city centre.

View of Piccadilly gardens from the bus.

About to take a left into Piccadilly Gardens.

Tram stop Piccadilly Gardens Manchester.

Passing Piccadilly gardens tram stop. Piccadilly gardens is transport Interchange. It is also the terminus of the 130.

The bus will drop you off in Piccadilly. To follow link it make your way to Oldham street on the opposite side of the fountains where the 130 drops you off to join the 184 Huddersfield bus. This is only a short walk.

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Manchester to Huddersfield
 Macclesfield to Sheffield


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