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A bus ride from Sheffield to Chesterfield

A ride through suburban Sheffield South Yorkshire into Derbyshire to the Market town of Chesterfield home of the Crooked Spire

Route X17
Operater Stagecoach
Journey time 40 to 45 mins

The X17 is a half hourly service between Sheffield and Chesterfield and one bus an hour carries on to Matlock
Timetable download pdf format

Download the Stagecoach X17 Sheffield Heeley Woodseats Meadowhead Whittington Moor Stonegravels Chesterfield timetable bus times

Download the current X17 Sheffield Chesterfield Matlock timetable in pdf format

Please note download was correct on the date shown on timetable if in doubt visit
An explanation of pdf files
Please note the X17 is an express bus that uses the A61 Dronfield bypass if you want to travel to the Dronfield and Unstone areas the Stagecoach services 43 and 44 Sheffield to Chesterfield buses will take you to these areas see
for details.
Also it is a limited stop service so does not stop at every bus stop ask the driver if in doubt

Sheffield Bus Station

On the X17 waiting to depart from Sheffield bus station

View of Haymarket from High St Sheffield

After leaving Sheffield bus station the bus travels along Pond St then Flat st and through Fitzalan Square before turning into High St. In this shot we are looking down Haymarket from High St

 Arundel Gate Sheffield

We then turn into Arundel Gate . In this shot we are stood in Arundel Gate

Passing the Millennium Gallery on Arundel Gate

Passing the Millenium Gallery on Arundel Gate

First bus painted in old Sheffield Corporation Livery

Reaching the end of Arundel Gate at its junction with Furnival Gate and Furnival St. Note the First bus painted in the old Sheffield Corporation livery

Eyre St Sheffield The New Market buildings at Moorfoot being built

The bus then goes along Eyre St which we are on now the building that is being built in this shot will be the new Sheffield market at Moorfoot

The Cricketers Bramall Lane Sheffield

The bus then goes up Bramall Lane away as we head away from Sheffield city centre. In this shot we are passing the Cricketers Arms. Although it cant be seen on the opposite side of the bus is Sheffield Uniteds Football Ground

Railway Hotel Bramall Lane

Passing the Railway Hotel on Bramall Lane

The old Earl of Arundel Pub

After Bramall Lane we turn onto Alderson Rd and the Shoreham St in this shot we are on Shoreham St about to turn into Queens Rd which is the main A61. The building that can be seen used to be the Earl of Arundel and Surrey pub

Turning onto Queens Rd Sheffield

Tuning onto Queens Rd

Lowfields Sheffield

Just after we turn onto Queens Rd we arrive at Lowfields at this points the A61 becomes London Rd South

Heeley Bottom

After Lowfields we pass through Heeley Bottom crossing the River Sheaf and then passing under the railway that heads south and west out of Sheffield in this shot we have passed under the railway and it is on top of the wall at that side of us this railway is used in my
train ride from Sheffield to Manchester express style

Passes Heeley Retail Park

We then pass Heeley Retail Park at this point the A61 becomes Chesterfield Rd

On Chesterfield Rd Sheffield between Heeley and Woodseats

We then start to climb towards Woodseats. The views as we climb are superb in this shot we can see across south west Sheffield to the moors and Peak District

Woodseats Sheffield South Yorkshire

We then head into Woodseats we are stick on Chesterfield Rd thr A61

Passes the Big Tree Pub Woodseats Sheffield

Passing the Big Tree on Woodseats

Southbound at Woodseats Library Sheffield

Stood at the Southbound bus stop outside Woodseats Library. The library is on the opposite side of the road hidden by the trees.
This is the bus stop I joined the X17 at on my journey from
Abbeydale Rd Sheffield to Lands End

Meadowhead climbing away from Woodseats

Climbing away from Woodseats up Meadowhead the A61

Passes Morrisons on Meadowhead Sheffield

Passing Morrisons on Meadowhead

Meadowhead also known as Four Lanes End

Approching Meadowhead Roundabout past Meadowhead shops on Meadowhead the A61

Meadowhead Roundabout

On Meadowhead Roundabout

Chesterfield Rd South Passing the end of Lowedges Rd

From the roundabout we carry on down the A61 the road has now become Chesterfield Rd South. In this shot we are passing the end of Lowedges Road. The slip road we can see across the central resevation is used by the Sheffield city service 53 to access the Lowedges estate

Bowshaw Roundabout

Approaching the Bowshaw roundabout, This is where the A61 Dronfield bypass starts that we will be following. It is also where we leave South Yorkshire and enter Derbyshire

Crossing the Gosforth Valley Viaduct

Shortly after the Dronfield bypass A61 starts we cross the Gosforth Valley Viaduct

Passing under the Gosforth Valley Viaduct

As a point of interest this is a shot taken off a bus passing under the Gosforth Valley Viaduct. This shot was taken off a 43 Sheffield to Chesterfield bus and is on the page just to show the viaduct from a different angle the X17 route does not go under the viaduct

Passing the summit of the Dronfield bypass

Passing the Summit of the Dronfield bypass A61. From the start of the bypass it is a surprising upwards drag to this point

A61 Dronfield bypass dropping down to the Unstone turn and Whittington moor roundabout

After the summit we drop down towards the junction for Unstone and the Whittington Moor roundabout. Although this shot does not show much the views towards the village of Barlow and the Cordwell Valley a beautiful,unspoilt and secret area on the outskirts of both Sheffield (although it is part of Derbyshire) and Chesterfield are magnificent

Passing the Sliproad for Unstone

Passing the Unstone sliproad of the Dronfield bypass A61

Whittington Moor Roundabout

Whittington Moor roundabout this is the end of the Dronfield bypass we leave the A61 here to take the old road Sheffield Rd into Chesterfield town centre the A61 continues south but becomes the Chesterfield bypass

Whittington Moor Chesterfield Derbyshire

Passing through Whittington Moor on Sheffield Rd

Passes Chesterfield Football clubs Proact Statium

Passing the Proact Stadium where Chesterfield FC play

Passing Asda Whittington Moor

Passing Asda Whittington Moor on Sheffield Rd

Stonegravels bus Depot

Passing Stagecoach's Chesterfield bus Garage Stonegravels

Entrance to Stonegravels

The Entrance to Stonegravels

Approaching Chesterfield town centre

Approaching Chesterfield town centre from Sheffield Rd

Turning into Cavendish St Chesterfield

The bus goes along Holywell St across Saltergate and into Cavendish St which we are about to turn into in this shot

Passing the end of Knifesmithgate

After Cavendish St the bus turns into Stephenson Pl as we do this we get a good view of Knifesmithgate that can be seen in this shot

Holywell Street Chesterfield Derbyshire

After Stephenson Pl the bus turns back into Holywell St which we are about to do in this shot

Chesterfields Crooked Spire

Holywell St becomes St Mary's Gate and we pass Chesterfields most famous landmark the Crooked spire

For more on the Crooked Spire see my piece on
How the Crooked Spire in Chesterfield Derbyshire became crooked

Lordsmill roundabout

We stay on St Mary's Gate to Lordsmill Roundabout and then turn onto Markham Rd which we are doing in this shot

Chesterfield Coach Station

From Markham Rd we turn into Chesterfield Coach Station. From here some X17's continue to Matlock and some terminate here.

and also see my
bus ride from Chesterfield to Derby

Come with me for a little walk round Chesterfield a lovely little town far more to see and experience than my small amount of pictures show

New Beetwell Street Chesterfield

New Beetwell St which is just outside Chesterfield Coach Station

Chesterfield Market place

Chesterfield Market Place

Chesterfield Shopping street

A Chesterfield shopping St

Knifesmithgate Chesterfield



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