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A scenic bus ride from Sheffield to Buxton.
The number 65 bus

Part 1 Sheffield to Tideswell.

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Take the Service 65 from Sheffield bus station to Buxton. This is an incredibly scenic and interesting ride. The service is currently (2012) operated by TM travel journey time about 1 hour and 30 minutes but infrequent but perfectly usable so check times before traveling. You can of course use it in conjuction with other services.
Timetable download pdf format

tm travel service 65 Sheffield Whirlow Fox House calver slough Stoney Middleton Eyam Foolow Great Hucklow Tideswell Litton Millers Dale King Sterndale Buxton bus timetable

Click here to download the current Sheffield, Fox House, Grindleford, Stoney Middleton, Eyam, Tideswell, Litton, Millers Dale, Buxton, timetable in pdf format

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As a point of interest this is the service you would use to get to the starting point of the walk shown on my sister site Walks Around Sheffield Millers Dale to Bakewell along the Monsal Trail at Millers Dale.

Sheffield bus station

Sheffield bus station.

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Top of the Moor Sheffield Furnival Gate

Traveling up Furnival Gate past the top of the Moor in Sheffield city centre.

Ecclesall Road

Heading up Ecclesall Rd the A625 away from Sheffield city centre.

Ecclesall Rd South

Heading through Ecclesall towards Whirlow on the A625. This area of Sheffield is the most affluent part of the city.

Just past the Dore Moor inn on the A625

Just past the Dore Moor inn on the A625 climbing onto the Moors. Hard to believe on a good run the journey time from Sheffield city centre is no more than 20 mins to this point.

The A625 droping down to Fox House.

Dropping down towards Fox House on the A625. There is a fantastic panoramic view across the Peak District at this point.

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Padley Gorge.

At Fox House we leave the A625 and head down Padley Gorge to Grindleford. This shot shows us heading down Padley Gorge. This is a very popular spot for people having picnics and paddling in the stream during the summer months.
To see more details on Padley Gorge see my Fox House to Fox House walk via the Grouse Inn and Grindleford on my sister site Walks around Sheffield.

Outside the Maynard Arms at Grindleford.

Outside the Maynard Arms at Grindleford. This is at the top of the lane that leads up from the railway station. It is still a fair walk to Grindleford village but only a minute or so on the bus. Grindleford lays in the valley of the river Derwent which gets other mentions in the last bus stop. Grindleford station gets a mention in my
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Between Grindleford and Calver.

Between Grindleford and Calver.

Stoney Middleton.

Passing through Stoney Middleton this is an impressive villiage that lays at the bottom of a deep limestone gorge.It is well known to potholers.

 Plauge Cottage Eyam.

After leaving Stoney Middleton the bus turns up Eyam Dale and goes into the village of Eyam. Eyam is famous for an outbreak of the great plauge in the 1600's. While the plauge was raging in London a salesman traveled from London to Eyam which would have been a very long journey in those days. Unbeknown to him he was also carrying the plauge. When the plauge broke out the people of Eyam realised if they left the villiage they would infect surrounding villiages and thus quarantined themselves to Eyam. People from the surrounding villages left them food to collect. The disease wiped out many of the people of Eyam but due to thier corageous efforts the disease spread no further. This is a shot of Plauge Cottage where ths Plauge first broke out in Eyam taken from the window of the 65 bus.


Passing through Eyam.

Between Eyam and Foolow.

Between Eyam and Foolow.



Between Foolow and Great Hucklow

Between Foolow and Great Hucklow

Great Hucklow.

Great Hucklow.Just above the village there is a gliding club and gliders can often be sern in the skies in this area.

Tideswell church.

Tideswell church Tideswell is often know as Cathedral on the peak because of its church.


Passing through Tideswell.

Once the bus arrives in Tideswell it will often stand at the bus stop and wait for time.

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How to link local buses to make long distance travel

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