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A scenic bus ride from Sheffield to Buxton.
The number 65 bus

Part 2 Tideswell to Buxton.

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tm travel service 65 Sheffield Whirlow Fox House calver slough Stoney Middleton Eyam Foolow Great Hucklow Tideswell Litton Millers Dale King Sterndale Buxton bus timetable

Click here to download the current Sheffield, Fox House, Grindleford, Stoney Middleton, Eyam, Tideswell, Litton, Millers Dale, Buxton, timetable in pdf format

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Once the number 65 bus leaves Tideswell it travels for a short distance towards Millers Dale and then takes a left hand turn to Litton. When it arrives in Litton it does a reversal manoeuvre and takes the same route back to the Miller's Dale road and continues on its journey to Buxton.


Heading into Litton

65 bus Reversing in Litton

The 65 making its Reversing manoeuvre in Litton.

Back on the road to Millers Dale.

Back on the road to Millers Dale.

Dropping down into Millers Dale.

Dropping down into Millers Dale.

Millers Dale Viaduct.

Passing under the viaducts that use to carry the Midland Railway from Manchester to London St Pancras. and now carries the Monsal Trail.
To see more information on this visit the walk shown on my sister site Walks Around Sheffield Millers Dale to Bakewell along the Monsal Trail.

Climbing out of Millers Dale.

The view from the side of the bus as we climb out of Millers Dale.


On the Main A6 road heading towards Buxton.

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Limestone quarry.

Further along the A6 a limestone quarry can be seen in this shot.

Passing under the old Millers Dale to Buxton branch.

The bridge we are Passing under is the old Millers Dale to Buxton branch line the railway is still used to bring limestone from the quarrys. We are now getting close to Buxton.

The A6 close to Buxton.

Getting closer to Buxton still.

Approaching Buxton town centre.

Approaching Buxton town centre.

Buxton railway station.

Buxton railway station.

The Spa Buxton.

Passing the Spa in Buxton.

Approaching Buxton market place.

Approaching the 65 terminus at Buxton market place.

Once alighted from the bus Buxton is a very pleasent town to linger and wander around.

Buxton market place.

A view of Buxton market place. Buxton is the Highest market town above sea level. In bad winters it is not unusual for the town to be completely cut off due to heavy snowfall.

The spa building Buxton.

The spa building Buxton this is a impressive building.

Buxton spring water

Buxton spring water this water is or at least was thought to have healing properties in days gone by people used to travel for miles to take these water's.

Pavilion Garden's Buxton.

Buxton's pavilion gardens. There are some really exotic plants here.

Inside the Pavilion Gardens Buxton Derbyshire

Inside the Pavilion Gardens

Exotic Plants Buxton

There is a lovely atmosphere in here


2 of the locals in the park.

Minature railway Buxton

There is a minature railway in the park at Buxton great for the kids.

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Shops in Buxton

The main shopping street in Buxton.

From Buxton you could return to Sheffield using the 65 or other routes. Alternativley you could follow link it highly recommended.

Click here to see Part 1 Sheffield to Tideswell.

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