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A train ride from Sheffield to Manchester express style via Stockport

A incredibly scenic train journey along the Hope Valley through the Peak District between Sheffield and Manchester

Operater First Transpennine Express and East Midlands trains.
Please note Northern Rail operate most of the Hope Valley stopping trains along this route

Journey time Apprx 1 hour on an Express service

There are Express trains approximately every half an hour between Sheffield and Manchester with the Hope Valley stopping trains then boosting this frequency throughout the day see timetables for more information
Timetable download pdf format

Sheffield d Dore & Totley Grindleford Hathersage Bamford Hope (Derbyshire) Edale Chinley Hazel Grove Stockport New Mills Central Strines Marple Romiley Bredbury Brinnington Reddish North Ryder Brow Belle Vue Ashburys Manchester Piccadilly Manchester Airport train times

Click here to download the current Sheffield Hope Valley New Mills Stockport Manchester and Manchester Airport train timetable in pdf format

Please note download was correct on the date shown on timetable if in doubt visit
An explanation of pdf files Allow me to explain
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Museum of Science and Industry Manchester

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train ride from Sheffield to Manchester stopping style
this was taken from the left hand side of the train.
Our Express journey is taken from the right hand side of the train

On board a First Transpennine Express awaiting departure for Manchester Piccadilly at Sheffield Midland Station

Awaiting departure for Manchester Piccadilly at Sheffield Midland Station we are on board a First Transpennine Express en route from Cleethorpes to Manchester Airport

Leaving Sheffield for Manchester a Hope Valley stopping train can be seen on platform 2c in this shot

Leaving Sheffield for Manchester. The train we can see in this shot is a Northern Rail stopping service to Manchester and will be leaving a few minutes after us

Heading away from the south end of Sheffield Station

As we pull out of Sheffield to the south it was obviously something much grander. The siding and platform we can see in this shot is where Northern Rail often stable some of thier trains when not in use

Heading out of Sheffield Station to the south west

As we head away from Sheffield Station we pass through some short tunnels, the tunnel we can see in this shot once formed an railway underpass which is now dissused. The approach to Sheffield from the south was once much more complex than it is now

B and Q Queens Road from a train

We then pass the back of B and Q Queens Rd. This site was once Arnold Lavers woodyard and before that a Midland Railway goods yard. The small wall that can be seen in this shot was where thr underpass use to remerge back to the surface

Midland Railway Goods Yard Queens Road Sheffield 1912, 2013 this is now sqr701 B&Q Sheffield Queens Rd

In this 1912 picture we can see what is now B&Q Queens Rd 2013 as a Midland Railway Company goods yard. The tunnels on the right hand side of this shot are the ones we have just emerged from as B&Q comes into sight

Heeley Bridge Sheffield

Crossing te A61 at Heeley. We pass under this bridge on my bus ride from Sheffield to Chesterfield.
The red building that can be seen through the gap is the old Heeley station entrance we are about to pass the site of the old Heeley station

Little London Rd from a train

Running alongside Little London Rd

Woodseats Rd from a train

About to pass under Woodseats Rd

Passing the site of the old Millhouses Station

Passing the site of the old Millhouses Station

Passing the site of the old Beauchief station

Passing the site of the old Beauchief Sheffield

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet Millpond from a train

Passing Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet Mill Pond

Passing through Dore Station

Passing through Dore Station. Dore Station gets a mention in my
bus ride from Sheffield to Bakewell
and my
Walk from Dore to Rlnginglow

About to pass under Abbeydale Rd South on a train

About to pass under Abbeydale Rd South at the bottom of Totley Brook Rd we will then run alongside Totley Brook Rd before entering Totley Tunnel Britain's second longest railway tunnel.
Both Totley Brook Road and Totley Tunnel get a mention in my
walk from Totley Brook Road to Fox House

On a train in Totley Tunnel

We enter Totley Tunnel. Totley tunnel at 3 and a half miles long is Britains second longest railway tunnel. The Severn tunnel is the longest. It was opened in 1893

Speeding through Grindleford

We emerge from Totley Tunnel and speed through Grindleford Station. Although we have only been on the train just under 15 minutes the weather is bright and sunny in Grindleford and dull in Sheffield and this demonstrates how the hills the tunnel passes through make a huge difference to the weather systems
Grindleford and the Grindleford end of Totley tunnel get a mention in my
round walk from Fox House to Fox House via the Grouse Inn and Grindleford
Grindleford also is passed in my
bus ride from Sheffield to Buxton part 1

Heading through the Hope Valley between Grindleford and Hathersage

Heading along the Hope valley between Grindleford and Hathersage

Hathersage Station

Speeding through Hathersage Station

Hathersage from a train

Looking across Hathersage

Between Hathersage and Bamford

Between Hathersage and Bamford

Bamford Station

Speeding through Bamford

Heading away from Bamford

Heading away from Bamford

Looking towards Ladybower Dams from a train

As we head away from Bamford the valley we can see in this shot contains the Ladybower Dam and beyond that Derwent Dams also the main A57 Snake Pass road from Sheffield to Manchester
The A57 and Ladybower Dam get a mention in my
A journey from Sheffield to Sheffield via the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District Day 3

On a train between Bamford and Hope

Between Bamford and Hope

Speeding through Hope Station

Speeding through Hope Station.
Hope Station is where my
Hope to Edale via Castleton walk

Heading away from Hope up the Edale Valley on a train

After Hope we start rto head up the beautiful Edale Valley

Kinderscout from a train

Kinderscout comes into view

Edale Valley

The isolation and remoteness of this place can be felt even from a speeding train traveling between two major cities

A Remote farm in the Edale Valley seen from a train

Passing a remote Farm. Kinderscout is ever present in the background


As we speed towards Edale the Grindsbrook Valley comes into view

Grindsbrook Valley Edale Derbyshire start of the pennine way from a train

Another view of Grindsbrook. The Beautiful village of Edale sits at the foot of Grindsbrook. Edale is where the Pennine Way starts and the start of the route makes its way up Grindsbrook to the top of the Kinder Plateau

Speeding through Edale station

Speeding through Edale station.
For more on Edale see my
Edale - The Horseshoe walk

Edale signal box

Passing Edale signal box

Between Edale and Cowburn tunnel

Heading away from Edale towards Coeburn tunnel near Barber Booth

Near Chinley Tunnel at Barber booth

Passing through Barber Booth. No station here just pure peace and isolation to some heaven to others hell

About to enter Chinley tunnel between Sheffield and Manchester

We shall be shortly entering Cowburn Tunnel also known as Chinley Tunnel. Cowburn tunnel is 3702 yards long and will bring us to the western side of the Pennines

Emerging from Chinley tunnel

We emerge from Chinley Tunnel to yet more brilliant sunlight

Chinley Curve off a train

The train then slows as we traverse Chinley Curve that can be seen ahead of us on the left hand side of this shot

Nearing Chinley

Nearing Chinley

Got a business along any route of want a mention and a link click here for more info

Approaching Chinley

As we approach Chinley station the beautiful Pennine hills are still with us

Passing through Chinley station

Speeding through Chinley station

Heading away from Chinley towards Stockport

Heading away from Chinley in the direction of Hazel Grove. If we were on a Northern Rail stopping train from Sheffield to Manchester at this point the next station would be New Mills Central

The line to Manchester via New Mills Central leaving the Main Sheffield to Manchester express line

The line leaving us in this shot is used by the
Sheffield to Manchester stopping trains
that pass through New Mills. We however are heading for our first stop since leaving Sheffield at Stockport via Hazel Grove on our way to Manchester
This section of line can also be seen from my
bus ride from Derby to Manchester
.as it travels along the A6

Traveling through New Mills on the Main Sheffield to Stockport line

We then pass through the centre of New Mills. The line we are on has no station in New Mills but there is New Mills Newtown which is on the Buxton to Stockport and Manchester Line and New Mills Central which is on the line we have just seen leaving us at the moment we are running in-between and parallel to these lines

Between New Mills and Hazel Grove

Between New Mills and Hazel Grove

Crossing the A6 at Hazel Grove on a trying

Crossing the A6 at Hazel Grove.
This bridge is passed under on the A6 on my
bus ride from Derby to Manchester

The Rising Sun Pub Hazel Grove

We then pass the Rising Sun Pub as we drop down towards Hazel Grove station

Norbury Parish Church

Just before the station we pass Norbury Parish Church which seems to have a massive graveyard

Hazel Grove Station

We then join the Buxton to Stockport and Manchester line and pass through Hazel Grove Station which we are doing in this shot

On a train between Hazel Grove and Woodsmoor

Between Hazel Grove and Woodsmoor

Woodsmoor station

Passing through Woodsmoor

Between Woodsmoor and Davenport on a train

Between Woodsmoor and Davenport

Davenport Station

Passing through Davenport station

Between Davenport and Stockport on a train

Between Davenport and Stockport

A train Passing just south of Stockport Edgley

We then join the Mainline to Manchester and Stockport from the south as we make our way to Stockport Edgeley station

Stockport Edgeley

Entering Stockport Edgeley station

Stockport station

Stockport our first stop since leaving Sheffield

London Euston bound Pendolino

As we pull away from Stockport a London Euston bound Pendolino can be seen

Stockport number 2 signal box

We then pass Stockport number 2 signal box

Stockport Viaduct

We then cross the Stockport Viaduct

Crossing the Stockport Viaduct on a train

This is an enormous structure and dominates Stockport town centre

Heaton Chapel Station

Speeding through Heaton Chapel station

Near Levenshulme

Passing through Levenshulme. Levenshulme does have a station but I have not got a picture of it

Passing Pennington St between Levenshulme and Longsight

Passing Pennington Street between Levenshulme and Longsight Depot

Nearing Longsight Manchester

Nearing Longsight Depot

Passing Longsight Depot

Passing Longsight Depot

Container Depot near Manchester Piccadilly

Between Longsight and Manchester Piccadilly

The line from New Mills

The Line we can see joining us here is where the
stopping trains from Sheffield
that left us just before New Mills rejoin us. This line is also where the trains from Huddersfield and Leeds join us for our final run into Manchester Piccadilly

Final Approaches to Manchester Piccadilly

Heading towards Manchester Piccadilly

The final approach to Manchester Piccadilly

The final approach to Manchester Piccadilly

Manchester Piccadilly pendolino virgin trains

We then pull into Manchester Piccadilly. In this shot a Virgin Trains Pendolino can be seen awaiting departure to London Euston

Manchester Piccadilly train shed

Pulling to a halt in Manchester Piccadilly

Manchester Piccadilly Station

Arrived at Manchester. The train will then carry on to Manchester Airport.
If you had used an East Midlands Trains service from Sheffield the vast majority of these would stop on platform 14 at Piccadilly and continue on to Liverpool Lime St
to see the journey from Manchester Piccadilly to Liverpool Lime St see my
train ride from Manchester to Liverpool via Warrington Central and Widnes


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