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A train ride from Sheffield to Manchester stopping style via New Mills

A wonderful ride through the Derbyshire Peak district between two major cities. If you are making this journey take the stopping train instead of the express it gives you a real feel for the area you are traveling through the walkers, campers and locals going out to the Hope Valley and the workers and shoppers making thier way into Manchester from New Mills and the stations beyond

Operater Northern Rail. East Midlands Trains do operate the first early morning stopping from Sheffield to Manchester and the last late night train from Manchester to Sheffield but use the Express route via Stockport not the New Mills route see timetable for more details
Journey time Apprx 1 hour 20 mins
Timetable download pdf format

Sheffield Dore & Totley Grindleford Hathersage Bamford Hope (Derbyshire) Edale Chinley Hazel Grove Stockport New Mills Central Strines Marple Romiley Bredbury Brinnington Reddish North Ryder Brow Belle Vue Ashburys Manchester Piccadilly Manchester Airport train times

Click here to download the current Sheffield Hope Valley New Mills Marple Brinnington Stockport Manchester and Manchester Airport train timetable in pdf format

Please note download was correct on the date shown on timetable if in doubt visit
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Museum of Science and Industry Manchester

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this was taken from the right hand side of the train.
Our stopping journey is taken from the left hand side of the train

Awaiting department in Sheffield

Awaiting departure on platform 2c in Sheffield. Note the East Midlands Trains service on platform 7 awaiting departure for London St Pancras

Heading for the tunnels just south of Sheffield Station

Heading for the tunnels just south of Sheffield Station

Tram flyover Sheffield between Granville Rd and Park Grange Croft

As emerge from the tunnels we run alongside the flyover that lifts Sheffield Supertram from Granville Road to Park Grange Croft

Olive Grove Gritting Depot Sheffield

We then pass Olive Grove Depot which is Sheffield City Councils highway maintenance depot. Most people.from Sheffield would recognise this as where the Gritters come from

Gleadless bank works

Shortly after we pass Gleadless bank works

View to the London line from Dore Station

About 4 or 5 mins after passing Heeley bank works we arrive at Dore and Totley station where we are in this shot. The line we can see is the main line to London and Birmingham etc we have just left this on the line to Manchester and for a short distance on single line. In days gone by Dore and Totley Station was a very important junction station and boasted 4 platforms (the view was very different to this one) now it is one platform and single line. I do remember as a child in the late 1970's during the bad winters the platforms on the London line been reopened although long since disused to allow comuters traveling from Sheffield city centre to the south west side of the city a good public transport service as for a number of weeks due to bad snow and a gritters strike buses could not get to the area. Although Dore had trains that stopped here in those days (they were known as the New Mills paytrain) they could never have coped with the amount of people who used the station for that short period of bad weather. For that few weeks Dore had through trains to South West England, South Wales, North East England, Carlisle and Scotland and London. Then in the 1980's the Manchester line through the station was turned into single line and 3 platforms were demolished. Although now there is a revival it is recognised this station is still incredibly important as it has just been turned into a park and ride station (2013) which has obviously been a massive investment. This seems mainly for comuters who live on the South west side of Sheffield and work in Manchester as some of the expresses at peak periods stop at Dore before carrying on express to Stockport and Manchester. The new car park is well used during the week
To see some pictures of Dore and Totley and the park and ride car park see my my
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The cutting Dore

After Dore we pass through a classic railway triangle known locally as the cutting. The bit of track we can see in this shot has left the line coming up from the south and is joining us to head west it is a short section of track but does pass through a tunnel known locally as the cutting tunnel. It basically allows trains traveling from south of Sheffield access to the Hope Valley, Manchester and beyond without having to do a reversal manouver in Sheffield. It is used mainly by freight trains.
However in 2003 for a short period of time it carried Midland Mainline trains from London St Pancras to Manchester. These had been laid on as a tempory meaure due to massive disruption to the West Coast Mainline from London Euston to Manchester caused by upgrading in preparation for the introduction of the Pendolinos

Grindleford Station

A few minutes after the cutting we dive into Totley Tunnel which is Britains second longest railway tunnel at 3.5 miles long. We then emerge from the tunnel and pull up at Grindleford
Grindleford and the Grindleford end of Totley tunnel get a mention in my
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Following the Derwent Valley towards Hathersage

We then follow the River Derwent towards Hathersage

Arrived at Hathersage

Arrived at Hathersage

Hathersage railway station

Pulling away from Hathersage

Heading away from Hathersage

Heading away from Hathersage

On a train between Hathersage and Bamford

Between Hathersage and Bamford. Although we cant see it just through the trees is the A625 this strech of road between Hathersage and Bamford is known locally as the Flying Mile

Bamford Station

We arrive at Bamford

High Peak Garden Centre

Passing the back of High Peak Garden Centre as we leave Bamford

Heading away from Bamford on a train

Heading away from Bamford towards Hope

Hope Cement Works from a train

As we near Hope the Hope Cement Works come into sight. The chimney can be seen in this shot

Hope Station

We then arrive at Hope
Hope Station is where my
Hope to Edale via Castleton walk

Pulling away from Hope on a train

As we pull away from Hope station Hope village comes into view and beyond that Mam Tor that rises high above the nearby village of Castleton

View of Mam Tor from a train

A panoramic view of the hills surrounding Castleton including Mam Tor and the ridge that runs between Castleton and Edale. We will be running up the opposite side of the ridge up the Edale Valley.

Railway sidings for the Hope Valley Cement Works

Amidst all this scenery a little bit of industry, we pass the sidings for the Hope Cement Works. The Works have a branch line that runs up to it

A Cement train in the Hope Valley

Passing a parked cement train

Edale Valley from a train

Edale valley then opens up we are now running up the Edale side of the ridge

The Hope to Edale Road from a train

Heading further up the Edale Valley in this shot we can see the Hope to Edale Road. Also in this shot we get a good view of Hollins Cross which is the little dip a about 1 third of the way along the top of the ridge from the left hand side of the picture. For walkers walking from Castleton to Edale or vice versa using the direct route this is the highest point in their journey

The Edale Valley virw of the Ridge

Yet further up the Edale Valley with a good view of the ridge

Approaching Edale with a view of Hollins Cross

Approaching Edale. In this shot we get a good view of Mam Nic which is the nic we can see the road from Castleton to Edale passes through this

Edale Station

Arrived at Edale. Edale is a capital for walkers and the start of the Pennine Way
For more on Edale see my
Edale - The Horseshoe walk

Isolation Edale Station

This shot gives some idea of how bleak Edale can be but because it is on a heavily used major railway line connecting two major cities it never feels isolated. If the railway was not here this place would feel very different

Leaving Edale

BLeaving Edale and passing Barber Booth

Emerging from Cowburn Tunnel making for Chinley

After Barber Booth we Dive into Cowburn Tunnel also known as Chinley Tunnel in this shot we have emerged at the Chinley end of the tunnel

Chinley Junction

We then pass round Chinley curve which forms part of another clasic railway triangle. This where the line from Derby and London St Pancras joined the Line from Sheffield to make its way to Manchester. The line from Derby is now only open as far as Matlock as part of network rail. Then from Matlock to Rowsley it has been reopened by Peak Rail as a preserved railway and then is dissused as far as the quarries near Buxton which it still serves, we are at the western tip of the junction in this shot and the bit of track we can see was once the Main line from Derby and St Pancras joining us to make our way into Manchester
Much of the dissused part of the railway from derby has now become the Monsal Walking trail
To see where this line leaves the Main London to Sheffield line at Ambergate junction as the now branch line to Matlock see my
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to see more on the Monsal Trail see my
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Approaching Chinly

Approaching Chinley

Chinley station footbridge

Arrived at Chinley. The station is an island platform and we are under the footbridge off the station

Heading away from Chinley towards New Mills

Heading away from Chinley towards New Mills

Between Chinley and New Mills

Between Chimley and New Mills. The valley below us carries the A6 Chapel en le Frith and Whaley Bridge bypass

Leaving the main line to head into New Mills

In this shot we are leaving the Main Line the
express route from Sheffield to Manchester
to head into New Mills
This section of line can also be seen from my
bus ride from Derby to Manchester
.as it travels along the A6

High Viaduct as we approach New Mills

As we approach New Mills station we cross a deep valley

Mill New Mills Derbyshire

We then pass close to a old Mill on a high viaduct the approach to the station is quite impressive

New Mills Central

We then arrive at New Mills Central

Between News Mills and Strines

Between New Mills and Strines

Speeding through Strines Station

Speeding through Strines Station not one of our stops

Between Strines and Marple

Between Strines and Marple

Interesting view as we approach Marple

Interesting view as we near Marple

Marple Station

Arrived at Marple

Marple Aqueduct

As we leave Marple the Marple Aqueduct on the Peak Forest Canal comes into view

Between Marple and Romiley

Between Marple and Romiley

Romiley Station

Arrived at Romiley

Bredbury Station

Shortly after Romiley we arrive at Bredbury

Pulling out of Bredbury station

Pulling out of Bredbury

M60 Manchester Ring Road near Bredbury off a train

We then cross the M60 Manchester Ring Road
Part of the M60 is used my
journey from Sheffield to Sheffield via the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District
and my
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Brinnington Station

Shortly after we arrive at Brinnington

Between Brinnington and Redish North

Between Brinnington and Redish North

Redish North Station

We then pull into Redish North station. This is our final stop before Manchester Piccadilly

Between Redish North and Ryder Brow

Between Reddish Norrh and Ryder Brow

Ryder Brow Station

Speeding through Ryder Brow

Between Ryder Brow and Ashburys

Between Ryder Brow and Ashburys

Ashburys station

Passing through Ashburys

Heading away from Ashburys

As we head away from Ashburys Manchester city centre draws ever closer

joining the main line from Stockport

We then join the main line from Stockport. This is also where we rejoin my
express route from Sheffield to Manchester
for our final run into Piccadilly

An Arriva Trains Wales wales waiting to take the 10.50 service to Bangor

As we approach Manchester Piccadilly a Arriva Trains Wales waits outside the station to become the 10.50 Manchester to Chester and Bangor service.
To see this train travel as far as Chester see my
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To see more on where this train goes beyond Chester see my
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The dissused entrance to Mayfield Station Manchester

The dissused trackbed we can see in this shot leads to the now dissused Mayfield Station

Mayfield Station Manchester

Then the remains of the Mayfield Station comes into view. This was built in 1910 next to Piccadilly to handle overcrowding it came into its own during the late 1950's during electrification of and modernisation of Piccadilly. It was closed to passengers in 1970 but used by the post office until 1986 when it was closed completely. To see more on Mayfield station see
Mayfield the ghost station of Manchester

Arriving at Manchester Piccadilly

Arriving at Manchester Piccadilly

Manchester Piccadilly Station

Drawing to a halt for the final time

Northern Rail Sprinter at Manchester Piccadilly

Arrived at our terminus Manchester Piccadilly


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