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A bus ride from Windermere to Coniston

A beautiful Lakeland Journey

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journey from Sheffield to Sheffield via the Yorkshire Dales and Lake district
Day 3

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Route 505
Operater Stagecoach
Journey time Apprx 55 mins

There is roughly an hourly service through the day on this route
Timetable download pdf format

Download the stagecoach 505 Windermere Troutbeck Bridge Waterhead Ambleside Outgate Hawkshead Coniston timetable bus times

Click here to download the current 505 Windermere Ambleside Outgate Hawkshead Coniston bus timetable in pdf format

Please note download was correct on the date shown on timetable if in doubt visit
An explanation of pdf files
Planning on using other buses and boats in Cumbria download the pdf version of the Go Cumbria bus timetable guide showing times of many bus services in Cumbria and all ferry services on Lake Windermere, Coniston, Ullswater and Derwent Water, along with prices of various day tickets and loads of other useful information

Go, Cumbria, bus, ferry, guide, times, timetable, travel.

Click here to go to the download page

Open top bus Windermere

Pulling away from Windermere Railway station the start of our journey, note the open top bus in this shot these are used on the 599 Bowness to Grassmere service during the summer.
The timetable for the 599 can be found in the
Go Cumbria
bus guide

Leaving Windermere Station on a 505 bound for Coniston

Leaving Windermere station we are about to join the A591 Church St. We will be using the same route as the 555 used in my
bus ride from Kwndal to Keswick
from here to Ambleside

Ambleside Rd Windermere

The A591 becomes Ambleside Rd which we are now heading down

Roundabout near Windermere

Approaching the roundabout where Rayrigg road that comes out of Bowness and the road to the Kirkstone Pass and Ullswater Patterdale Rd the A592 join and leave the A591 Ambleside Rd we are staying on the A591. This is a small but very important junction


The above mentioned roundabout

Troutbeck Bridge

Passing through Troutbeck Bridge on the A591

A Lakeland House

Further along the A591 towards Ambleside

view from the A591 between Windermere and Ambleside

For a short while the Scenery opens up

The Low Wood Hotel and watersports centre

We then pass the Low Wood Hotel and Watersports centre. Low Wood was the home of Water skiing in the past

Lake Windermere from Low Wood

The beautiful waterfront directly accross the road from the Low Wood hotel. For more on Low Wood Watersports Centre visit
Low Woods

As a point of interest this shot was not taken off the 505 but off a 599 open top double decker heading in the opposite direction earlier the same day

View of Windermere and Langdale Pikes off a 505 Stagecoach bus

A view of Windermere and Langdale Pikes as we head along the A591 to Ambleside

Approaching the north end of Lake Windermere near Waterhead on a 505 bus

The views as we approach the north end of Lake Windermere at Waterhead on the A591

Boats and buses, busses

A unusual shot just before we pass Waterhead pier looks like we might be run over by two boats

Junction of Wansfell Rd and Lake Rd Ambleside Cumbria

At Waterhead the A591 becomes Lake Rd we head down lake road before turning left into Wansfell Rd which is where the A591 splits to traverse Amblesides one way system. We are turning into Wansfell Rd in this shot

Main bus stop in Ambleside

We then turn right into Rothay Rd before turning right into Kelsick Rd. In this shot we are at the main bus stop in Ambleside on Kelsick Rd awaiting Departure

Kelsick Rd Lake Road Ambleside

We then head up Kelsick Rd and turn right into Lake Rd

Lake Road Ambleside

Heading down Lake Road

Wansfell Rd Rothay Rd

We then turn right back into Wansfell Rd as we go round Amblesides 1 way system but this time turn left into Rothay Rd to head to Coniston

Between Ambleside and Waterhead

We then turn right onto the A593 which we are doing in this shot

Crossing Rothay bridge at Ambleside

We then cross the river Rothay on Rothay Bridge on the A593 this may be a A road but not like many you will ever see. At this point we enter a true unspoilt Lakeland

On the A593 heading away from Ambleside

On the A593 heading away from Ambleside

The B5286

We then turn left onto the B5286 and cross the River Rothay again to head for Outgate and Hawkshead, As you can see the road really start to become narrow

At play in the River Rothay

As we run alongside the River Rothay we can see two people at play in the river

making our way along the B5286 Cumbria

Making our

Woodland on the B5286

Passing through woodland there is a mix of typical Lakeland woodland and open countryside on this road. We are now on the western side of Lake Windermere the area feels so different to the busy eastern side of the lake

Wykefield Cottage

Passing Wykefield cottage a typical Lakeland dwelling

Open Countryside B5286 Cumbria

Further down the B5286

B5286 lake district

More views as we head towards Outgate

Passes the Outgate Inn Cumbria

We then enter the small villiage of Outgate and pass the Outgate Inn seen in this shot this is a fine public house

Fine views near Hawkshead

Fine views between Outgate and Hawkshead

The end of the road to Coniston

In this shot we are passing the end of the road we will be taking to Coniston the B5285 after we have been into the village of Hawkshead. The road can just be seen in the right hand side of this photo

Approaching Hawkshead

Approaching Hawkshead

Hawkshead Cumbria

Entering the village of Hawkshead

Heading for the main bus stop in Hawkshead

We carry on on the B5286 and then turn right towards the main bus stop

Hawkshead outdoor clothing Shop

The shop we are passing is the Hawkshead branch of the well known Hawkshead outdoor clothing chain. Hawkshead is where it all began for more details visit

Main bus stop Hawkshead Cumbria

We then arrive at the main bus stop from where we are awaiting departure in this shot

Turning back onto the B5286

After the bus stop we turn left then left again before turning right onto the B5286 the way we came in this shot we are making the right hand turn. If you stayed on the road we are looking down this would take you to the Windermere car ferry known as the Hawkshead Ferry

The Croft Campsite Hawkshead

Passing the Croft Campsite Hawkshead on the B5286. For more details visit
The Crofts

Views leaving Hawkshead

Views to the east as we leave Hawkshead on the B5286 heading for the Coniston Rd

Leaving the B5286 to head for Coniston

Turning off B5286 onto the Coniston Road the B5285

Narrow Road near Hawkshead

The Coniston Road gets even narrower

Bus meets car on narrow road

For the car driver in this shot to meet our bus coming the other way was bad luck the squeeze was unbelievable and this was not the only veichle to be coming the other way there were quite a few others. The bus drivers must dread this part of the 505 route but they are incredibly skillful

A view from the Coniston Road above Hawkshead

The road from Hawkshead to Coniston

The hill out of Hawkshead on the Coniston road goes on

Lakeland House

And then we pass another typical Lakeland house

 We then reach the summit of the Hawkshead Coniston road

We then reach the summit of the Hawkshead Coniston road

The descent to Coniston

We then start our descent to Coniston

Lake Coniston comming into view off road from Hawkshead

As we drop down Coniston Water comes into view

Coniston to Hawkshead Road

Throad winds its way down the hillside towards Coniston

The B5285 at the edge of Lake Coniston

We are soon running along the side of Coniston Water on the B5285

The spectacular mountain backdrop of Coniston appears

The spectacular mountain backdrop of Coniston appears

Entering Coniston

Entering Coniston

505 bus terminus Ruskin Avenue. Coniston Cumbria

Arriving at our terminus in Ruskin Avenue

Ruskin Avenue Coniston

505 terminus Coniston

View from the 505 terminus Coniston

Spectacular view from the 505 terminus. Now we are here lets go and have a look at the Lake

Tiberthwaite Avenue Coniston

Walk along Tiberthwaite Avenue towards the centre of the Villiage. Tiberwaite Av the Road Ruskin Av joins at the terminus this shot was taken as we head towards the centre of Coniston

A593 Coniston

You will come to the junction with the A593 walk straight ahead crossing the bridge

Centre of Coniston

Looking into the centre of Coniston from the junction mentioned above there are plenty of pubs cafes and shops here

Start of Lake Rd Coniston

Once you have crossed the bridge follow the road round to Lake Road which is a left hand turn shown above then turn down Lake Road

Lake Rd Coniston Cumbria

Walking down Lake Road

Lake Road

We then reach a point where the road curves sharply to the left but you can carry straight on take the way straight ahead as shown above as you can see it is well signed

Shops on Lake Rd Coniston Cumbria

Shortly after there is a left hand turn into a little yard with some shops in it as shown above

Footbridge Coniston

Once in the yard turn right and almost imeadiatly left and you will see this footbridge

The Road to the Lake Coniston

Cross the bridge turn right and follow the road.shown above this will take you to the Bluebird Cafe and the lake shore

Lake Coniston

Coniston Water

Looking south down Lake Coniston

Looking south down Coniston

The Gondola Coniston

On of Coniston's attractions is the steam yacht Gondola that cruises the lake.
For more information visit the
Timetable download pdf format

Gondala times timetable Coniston Lake District cruise Cumbria steam boat ship

Click here to download the current Gondola timetable in pdf format

Please note download was correct on the date shown on timetable
An explanation of pdf files Allow me to explain

The Gondola heading into the lake

The Gondola steaming out into the lake giving off a fine head of steam

The Bluebird Cafe from lake Coniston

Looking back at the Bluebird Cafe

The Bluebird Cafe Coniston Cumbria

The Bluebird cafe is named after Donald Campbells craft in which he made his ill fated attempt to beat the world water speed record in the 1960's

Bluebird Coniston Donald Campbell

Donald Campbell's craft Bluebird. His fatal attempt at breaking the record happened on the 4th January 1967. He was travelling at more than 300mph (483 km/h) on Coniston Water when the boat was catapulted 50ft (15m) into the air after its nose lifted.Forty-six-year-old Mr Campbell was killed instantly as the boat hit the water and immediately disintegrated.


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