A simple explanation of pdf files

For anyone who wishes to know what a pdf file is

Technical name Portable Document File

But forget technical names lets explain simply

If you still like to see a paper copy of a timetable or a leaflet on a visitor attraction for example pdf is a way you can still do this without having mountains of paper and speacial journeys to fetch them. Lets face it journey planers and realtime bus and train checkers are incredibly useful and invaluable but often when planning a journey there is no substitute for been able to see every train or bus avalible on the route you are using at a glance without having to put in lots of information and only a paper timetable can offer this. Visitor attractions will usually have websites but it can be time consuming finding prices and opening hours much easier to pull out a leaflet and find what you are looking for instantly.

Well pdf files are basically a digital version of the paper timetables and leaflets amongst many other documents. These can be downloaded from the relevant websites and then stored on your pc or smartphone for quick easy reference with no internet connection needed. Timetables for example appear in exactly the same way the real paper version would appear if you had picked it up from the bus or train station. The same applies to most downloaded pdf documents they are near enough exact copies of their paper counterpart.

To read pdf files you will need a pdf reader on your mobile or PC most would usually come with something already installed but if not (You would know this if your apparatus could not open the file) you can download
the free adobe reader

There are many other pdf readers some paid for some free.

On my mobile I use a paid for App called
ez Pdf reader multimedia pdf

I find this brilliant your leaflets can be seen standing in a bookcase and pages can be flipped giving the feeling of your document being the real thing. This app has many other functions.

pdf is a file format that brings good old fashioned paper hard copies into the digital age and its usefulness should not be overlooked

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