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To a train ride from Leeds to Carlisle

A train ride from Leeds to Carlisle.

On the last day I spent collecting material for a train ride from Leeds to Carlisle which was Saturday the 9th February 2013 I experienced a most unusual Journey from Carlisle to Sheffield. It was almost a fitting tribute to the page I was building some of which was built and loaded to the web whilst sat on the train making the journey I am about to describe.

I boarded the 18.07 service from Carlisle to Leeds at Carlisle. The train left bang on time and had an uneventful journey to Leeds although I have to say even in the dark traveling over the Settle to Carlisle railway you can tell it is something special.
We were blessed with a very informative guard that evening as we were approaching Leeds he came on the trains tanoy and started to announce connections and the platforms they would leave from and at the end he said any passengers intending to catch the 20.48 to Wakefield Westgate stations to Rotherham Central Meadowhall and Sheffield remain on the train as this train becomes that train which I was pleased about for 2 reasons one whilst I wanted to I did not think I had enough time to catch the 20.48 I had expected to be on the train an hour later and two it now meant I was in the rare position of making a journey from Carlisle to Sheffield on a through train which in years gone by was normal on scheduled trains currently there are no scheduled through transfer that make this journey.
Anyway the train pulled into Leeds and everybody except me alighted the doors shut and I thought hope that guard was right then the train started to move backwards and I felt a clunk we had coupled up to another train the doors opened and people got on the guard was right. then the new guard made an announcement that this was the train to Sheffield but because of a signaling fault at Moorthorpe. the train would run normally to Wakefield Westgate and then the next stop would be Meadowhall. A bus was laid on for passengers traveling to intermediate stations. That meant we would be dropping down into Wakefield Kirkgate and joining the Leeds to Sheffield line via Barnsley.
For more info on think line see my
Train ride from Sheffield to Leeds
page. This now meant.we would be back on the former Midland Mainline that we had been following between Carlisle and Leeds. We would be on it's route as far as Darton before rejoining it at Meadowhall,
At Wakefield Westgate the train emptied and I think I had a four carriage train all to myself. The train went down into Wakefield Kirkgate and then set off for Sheffield this then meant we are on a flyer (non stop) train through Barnsley this is a very rare occurrence maybe if Cross Country train gets diverted but on a Northern Rail train almost unheard of.
To see a video taken off this train passing through Barnsley Interchange.
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This really will be rare footage as there are not any trains that pass through Barnsley not scheduled to stop there.

After Barnsley we stop at Meadowhall and then Sheffield. I was the only Passenger to alight here. I had been on this train just under 4 hours since leaving Carlisle and made a journey most passengers will never be able to make.

Inside a train between Wakefield Kirkgate and Sheffield

Inside the train between Wakefield and Sheffield that night.

Arrival on platform 8 Sheffield

Arrival on platform eight Sheffield

Ignore the idiot below telling you that you could make this journey because in this case you probably couldn't

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