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How to save money traveling between Sheffield and Birmingham.

Prices correct as of November 2012.

A big saving can be made on an off peak journey between Sheffield and Birmingham by using a Derbyshire Wayfarer and paying a return fare from Burton on Trent to Birmingham.

The Derbyshire Wayfarer is off peak day ticket valid on busses and trains in Derbyshire it is valid on the train from Sheffield to Derby and Derby to Burton on Trent.
The train you would use would be a through train that stops at Derby. The train then continues on to Birmingham.

The cost of the Derbyshire Wayfarer is

The cost of an off Peak return from Burton on Trent to Birmingham is 13.60

Total cost 24.70

If you just pay the off Peak return from Sheffield to Birmingham the cost is 40.00


You can buy both the Derbyshire Wayfarer and the return from Burton on Trent at Sheffield Station.

If you making the journey from Birmingham to Sheffield and back the same savings apply but you cannot buy Derbyshire Wayfarer in Birmingham so you would either have to alight at Burton on Trent and buy one there which would obviously delay you or order one by post in advance see my Derbyshire Wayfarer page for details on how to do this.

There are of course drawbacks to this saving.

1: This big saving will only work if you are returning the same day as the Derbyshire Wayfarer is only valid for one day.

2: You have to use trains that stop at Burton on Trent no great hardship as a lot do.

3: In theory to stay within the rules of the Derbyshire Wayfarer you should alight from the train at Derby or Chesterfield and get straight back on again as the ticket is only valid on journeys to and from Derbyshire. Sheffield is in South Yorkshire and Burton on Trent is in Staffordshire.

4: Only works with off Peak travel.

Although the big savings only can be made if you return the same day a small saving can be made if you are returning on a different day as the off peak return is valid for returning on a different day. Just buy 2 Derbyshire Wayfarers they are scatchcards so you can pick the day you want to use it. a smaller saving of
can still be made.

The Adult Derbyshire Wayfarer allows you to take 1 child so if you are taking a child you can make further savings.

Also if you are traveling with other people there is the family Derbyshire Wayfarer that allows 2 adults and up to 3 children to travel price 20.00.
Taking this to its extreme you could travel with the maximum number of people this would allow.
The price of off peak returns from Sheffield to Birmingham for this amount of people would be 140.00
Using the Derbyshire Wayfarer method the total cost would be 67.60.
This gives a whopping saving of

Even if you are returning on a different day buy 2 Derbyshire Wayfarers and you still make a saving of

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