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South Yorkshire Travel Master Day

A good value ticket valid on all buses trams and trains in South Yorkshire for one day.
Covers an area from the Peak district on the High Moors above Sheffield and Penistone bordering with Derbyshire to the wetlands East of Throne bordering with North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire a stones throw from the western end of the Humber Estuary.
A great way of traveling longer distances within South Yorkshire. Also Ideal for lesuire travel.

To see the Contrast of the Western and Eastern boundary of this ticket see my
First and last bus stop in South Yorkshire page

Current price as of May 2014


Where you can buy this ticket.

Travel South Yorkshire Information Centres, Mini-Interchanges, manned train stations, tram conductors, and most bus drivers*.

*First, Stagecoach Sheffield, Stagecoach East Midlands, Stagecoach Supertram, TM Travel, Arriva and Sheffield Community Transport services only.

Where and when this ticket can be used.

South Yorkshire Travel Master Day may be used on all buses as far as the points listed on the map and all Supertam services.

South Yorkshire Travel Master Day can be used on all bus services operating in the county as far as the following places:
1 Harden, Dunford Road/Flight Hill
2 Clayton West
3 Haigh, Huddersfield Road/Jebb Lane
4 Staincross, Sackup Lane/Edgehill Road
5 Staincross, Wakefield Road/Lee Lane
6 Royston, Station Road/Summer Lane
7 Royston,Lund Hill Lane East
8 Shafton, Sandybridge Lane
9 Brierley, Frickley Bridge Lane/Hill Top
10 Hemsworth, Barnsley Road/Robin Lane
11 Brierley, Common Road
12 Barnsdale Bar
13 Norton, Selby Road/Norton Common Farm
14 Moorends, Moorends Road/Plumtree Farm
15 Low Levels Bank (Goodcop Farm)
16 Wroot, Candy Farm
17 Blaxton, bank End Road/Bank Farm
18 Bawtry, Gainsborough Road
19 Bawtry, Market Place or Church Street
20 Harworth, Bawtry Road/Plumtree Caravan Park
21 Tickhill, Blyth Road/Bawtry Road
22 Tickhill, Worksop Road (Riding School)
23 Woodsetts, Worksop Road/Owday Lane
24 Lindrick, Worksop Road, Fox Covert Garage
25 Netherthorpe, Back Lane/Thorpe Lane
26 Killamarsh
27 Spinkhill
28 Holbrook, Rother Valley Way/Station Road
29 Halfway, Windmill Greenway/Rotherham Road
30 Halfway, Rotherham Road/Hollow Lane
31 Mosborough, High Street/George and Dragon
32 Gleadless, Gleadless Road/Seagrave Cresent
33 Jordanthorpe, Dyche Lane/Batemoor Road
39 Batemoor, Chesterfield Road South
35 Bradway, Bradway Road/Prospect Road
36 Totley, Baslow Road (Brickworks)
37 Fox House 38 Hathersage Road, Toads Mouth Rock (A6187)
39 Ringinglow Road/Burbage Moor
40 Moscar Lodge

The Day Tripper is also valid for travel between any of the stations on the South Yorkshire Rail Network, provided the train stops at these stations.
The following West Yorkshire stations are also included in the Day Tripper area, Denby Dale (a) Moorthorpe (b) ?South Elmsall (c)

The ticket is valid for one day and valid all day on buses and trams.
(Please note the Day Tripper is not valid on trains before 9.30 AM Mondays to Friday.
It is valid any time at weekends and bank holidays.!!!!!)

South Yorkshire Day Tripper area.

Examples of normal fares and day Tripper now Travel Master Day price

Fares as of November 2012
As time passes fares will increase but principle will remain the same

Off peak return train fare from Sheffield to Doncaster 5.70.

Day Tripper price 6.30.

If you were just going from Sheffield to Doncaster and back the normal train fare is better but most travelers would need to use the bus or tram to get to the station thus the day Tripper will save you money, You can also pass it on someone else to use when you have finished with it.
If you are using more than one bus company this ticket usually works out more economically.
Remember some routes have one operator running it during the day Mondays to Saturday and a different one running it in the evenings and on Sundays.
This ticket covers you for all eventualities.
You just have to work out what you are going to use and what will work out the best value.

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(If this link does not work use the back button on your browser and click on the Travel South Yorkshire logo at the top to find this ticket.)

Please be aware there are cheaper tickets available provided by the bus companies and SYPTE if you are staying in a more localised area within South Yorkshire or just using one bus company or just the tram.
Some of these do cross into surrounding counties and are very useful.
For more information on these visit or the individual bus company or supertram website.

Walking boots.
Some walks that fall within the area of the South Yorkshire Travel Master Day

Hunters Bar to Fox House

Dore Station to Ringinglow

Totley Brook road to Fox House

A round walk from Fox House to Fox House via the Grouse Inn and Grindleford.
please note with this walk the South Yorkshire Travel Master Day is only valid to Fox House the route of the walk is out of it's area so if you only wanted to do some of the walk and then use public transport you would have to pay an additional fare back to the boundary.

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