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Dore Station to Ringinglow


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This is a pleasant woodland walk on the outskirts of Sheffield it forms part of the Sheffield round walk. It is a relatively easy walk with no major hills.
A word of warning when you arrive at Ringinglow there is only a very limited bus service that does not run on Sundays so you could link it into my Hunters Bar to Fox House walk or it is about a 30 minute walk down Ringinglow Road to Bents Green terminus where there are plenty of Buses

From Sheffield city centre take the 97 bus bound for Totley or 98 bus bound for Totley Brook Dore Station these were operated by First and a frequent service in 2012. Alternatively you could catch the train from Sheffield or stations from Manchester. See Traveline for more information.

Also my
Bus ride from Sheffield to Bakewell on the 218
passes here.

The start of this walk is actually no more than 10 minutes walk from the start of my Totley Brook road to Fox House walk. To get to this walk turn left from outside the Station heading away from Sheffield and follow the main road you will quickly arrive at the bottom of Totley Brook Road

Dore and Totley station Sheffield

Dore station

Platform at Dore

The platform at Dore
Dore station gets a mention in my
train ride from Sheffield to Manchester express style and my
train ride from Sheffield to Manchester stopping style

Bus stop outside Dore station

The bus stop.outside Dore station this is where you would alight if you had come by bus from the city centre

Dore park and ride

The new (2013) park and ride facilities at Dore station

To start the walk to Ringinglow turn right from the Station and head down the main road past the park and ride towards Sheffield after 2 or 3 minutes on the left hand side of the road the houses will end and Ecclesall Woods will start. At this point there is a Public footpath see illustrations below. Take this path and you will be heading into Ecclesall woods.

Abbeydale Rd South Ecclesall woods

Abbeydale Rd South looking along the edge of Ecclesall woods at the bottom of Ryecroft Glen

Abbeydale Rd start of Ryecroft glen

The start of of Ryecroft Glen

Heading into Ecclesall Woods.

Heading into Ecclesall Woods. On the right hand side under the wall is Limb Brook we will be basically following this river to Ringinglow

Narrow path Ryecroft Glen.

We pass between to higher walls the path is quite narrow before emerging into the woods. It feels like we are going into a secret garden.

Limb Brook.

Emerging into the woods Limb Brook comes into full view.
This babbling Brook actually is of great historical importance in the dark ages this was the boundary of the kingdoms of Mercia and Northumbria.
It was in the nearby village of Dore now just a suburb of Sheffield in 827 (probably actually 829) King Egbert of Wessex led his army to the village to receive the submission of King Eanred of Northumbria thereby establishing his overlordship over the whole of Anglo-Saxon Britain:
Until 1934 it was also the boundary between Derbyshire and Yorkshire so this innocent little river is a lot more than it seems.
It joins the River Sheaf just on the opposite side of Abbeydale Rd.

Dore village green king egbert

The memorial plaque commemorating the above historic event on Dore Village Green. Please be aware this cannot be seen on the route of this walk.

 Miniature Railway

On the Right hand side you pass a miniature railway that's on the opposite side of the river.

Path in Ecclesall woods.

The way ahead.

Ecclesall woods sign

We have now officially entered Ecclesall woods.
For more information on Ecclesall Woods and it's attractions visit
The friends of Ecclesall Woods

The Path in Ecclesall Woods towards Whirlow

The route ahead the path is good and easy to follow.

A gate in Ecclesall woods

There are plenty of turn offs but we just stay on the main path.

By the Limb Brook Ecclesall woods.

The Limb Brook is always close by

Bridge in Ecclesall Woods

The path is wide and obvious

Fork in the path to Dore or Whirlow.

You will eventually reach a fork in the path at this gate take the path to the right.

Heading towards Whirlow.

We are now following the path towards Whirlow.

Ecclesall woods near Whirlow.

The path is still very obvious and easy to follow.

A sign to Whirlow or Abbeydale road.

It is also well signed

A gap in a wall near Whirlow

You will come to a stone stile in a wall that will take you into some playing fields

Map of Ecclesall Woods.

A Map of Ecclesall woods situated where we enter the playing fields. The two red triangles show where we left Abbeydale Rd and where we cross Ecclesall Rd to start the next stage of the walk, the orange line running between is the route and it even shows where this map is situated with the red circle and arrow.

Playing fields at Whirlowdale

Looking up the playing fields towards Ecclesall road at Whirlowdale

Whirlow playing fields

Almost at Ecclesall Rd

Travel pass UK.Travel pass everywhere in Great Britain
             Bus stop on Ecclesall Rd South.

Ecclesall Rd the A625 you could if you choose start or finish your walk here if you don't wish to do the full walk. Buses can be caught to and from Sheffield City Centre the number 70 Dore bus and all the busses heading to and from Derbyshire via Fox House. Pherhaps you may wish to catch a bus into Derbyshire or to Fox House from here. Also it is where you would alight if you were visiting Whirlow Brook park and Hall.

The entrance to Whirlow Brook Park.

From the bus stop cross over the road and the entrance to Whirlow Brook Park is in front of you.

Whirlow Brook Park sign

Pass through the gates you will see the park sign on your left.

The road to Whirlow Hall.

Walk up the road towards Whirlow Brook Hall.

Whirlow Brook Park Sheffield

This is a really pleasant walk up to the hall

Whirlowdale Hall.

Just before there is a car Park on the right and a path take the path and Whirlow Brook Hall comes into view. There is a cafe here if you want some refreshments.

Gardens in Whirlow Brook Park.

There are some beautiful gardens in the Park it is a very pleasant place to visit or linger.
The path you are on will lead you to the back of the Hall there is a path into the woods.

Behind Whirlow Brook Hall

The path behind the hall on to Ringinglow.

About to cross Limb Brook in the Limb Valley.

We drop down into the Limb Valley and cross Limb Brook

Path up the Limb Valley

Just after we cross the river we come to another path turn left we start to climb and make our way along the valley side.

Limb Brook far below.

Limb Brook far below.

Side of the Limb valley Sheffield

We gradually start to drop down again.

Limb valley leveling off

There is then a sudden change as we dropped down and the river climbed the path and the river come together the valley becomes much shallower losing it's steep sides and becomes far less wooded.

A pleasant place for a Picnic.

A pleasant place for a picnic this is the first obvious sign of the change mentioned above.

We are running level with the river and keep crossing it on small bridges.

We are running level with the river and keep crossing it on small bridges

Bridge in the Limb valley.

Another river crossing

Approaching the head of the Porter Valley

The valley now becomes very shallow as we near it's head.

Snowy field at the head of the Limb Valley

A winters day at the head of the Limb Valley.

Top of the Limb Valley

The final climb to the top of the Limb Valley

Official start of the Limb Valley sign.

The sign at the top of the Limb Valley informing people they are entering the valley

Field just before Ringinglow

After leaving the valley we cross a field before entering Ringinglow. This field can be very boggy note the stepping stones.

About to enter Ringinglow

About to enter Ringinglow

Ringinglow Sheffield

Ringinglow village

The Roundhouse Ringinglow

Ringinglows most famous landmark the Roundhouse which is an old toll house. Ringinglow is often refered to locally as just the Roundhouse.

The Norfolk Arms Pub Ringinglow

The Norfolk Arms Pub Ringinglow a good place for refreshments.

From here there is a very limited bus service as mentioned earlier so if there are no buses you could either link into my Hunters Bar to Fox House walk and walk to Hunters Bar or Fox House or it is about a 30 minute walk down Ringinglow Road to Bents Green terminus where there are plenty of Buses

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