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A round walk from Fox House to Fox House via the Grouse Inn and Grindleford.


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This is a pleasent walk which has some beautiful scenery and passes the Longshaw estate, the Grouse Inn, Grindleford cafe, and Padley Gorge.

To get to Fox house there is a good bus service from Sheffield city centre see traveline for more information.

Alternatively you may wish to get to Fox House by using my two walks from Sheffield to Fox House click on the links below for details.

Hunters Bar to Fox House

Totley Brook Road to Fox House

From the Bus stop on the same side of the road as the pub (thats the Sheffield bound bus stop) walk down past the pub. Cross the road just after the sharp right hand turn (Be very careful as does not only the corner make it hard to see this corner is also a junction and traffic can come from any direction).

Fox House bus stop. T M travel bus.

The Sheffield bound bus stop at Fox House.

Fox House.

Fox House.

Once across the road pass through the gate shown below following the visitor centre sign.

Visitor centre sign.

The gate as described above.

Follow the path down through the wood's after a short walk you will come to the driveway to the main house on the Longshaw estate.

Driveway to Longshaw.

The driveway as described above.

As you arrive at the main house there are some steps on your right go down the steps and follow the footpath this takes you onto. This takes you directly in front of the house.


The view of the house at Longshaw from the path described above.

View towards supprise view above Hathersage.

View over Padley Gorge towards suprise view from Longshaw.

Very shortly you will arrive at a gate taking you into a dark bushy tree covered area. There will be another gate directly infront of you (as shown in the photo below) go through this gate and follow the track ahead ignore the track directly to your right in the dark area.


The gate as described above. Note the beautiful rhododendron's

Keep following this track that will take you through an open area and then some woods and after about 10 to 15 minutes walk bring you to another gate.


The gate as mentioned above.

Pass through the gate and keep going.

Beautiful views across the Derwent Valley

The views to the right are quite something at this point.

At the end of this track you will come to a large white gate with a smaller gate on the left pass through the smaller gate onto the road and then follow the road directly ahead it is only a short walk to the Grouse inn the is a traditional country pub a great place to have a drink and maybe a bite to eat.

The Grouse Inn Froggat edge

The Grouse Inn.

When you leave the Grouse Inn walk. back along the road to the white gate you came out of. just before the gate on your left hand side is another gate and a public footpath go through this gate and follow the path this runs down the edge of some fields.

Path to Grindleford.

The path as mentioned above.

This will bring you to a gate at the far end oth fields pass through this gate and turn right the path passes through a mixture of bracken and trees. It is also running along the edge of a steep slope dropping down to Grindleford and the derwent valley.

View over Grindleford.

View across Grindleford and the Derwent valley.

The path will eventually pass between 2 walls and drop fairly steeply through woodland. It will then join another path onto which you turn left you will shortly pass behind a house


Nearly out of the woods the house mentioned above.

The path then joins a surfaced lane with houses on turn right and follow the lane down the hill. This will bring you to the main road cross the road and walk directly ahead you will see a footpath going down the hill on your right follow this path and it will bring you out at Grindleford railway station and Grindleford cafe which is housed in the old station building. This is a great place to have a break and pherhaps something to eat.

If you want to end your walk here there are trains back to Sheffield or out into the Hope Valley and Manchester. From the top of the station lane there are buses to Fox House and Sheffield see traveline for more information. Or download the timetable below that shows train times for Grindleford

Sheffield d Dore & Totley Grindleford Hathersage Bamford Hope (Derbyshire) Edale Chinley Hazel Grove Stockport New Mills Central Strines Marple Romiley Bredbury Brinnington Reddish North Ryder Brow Belle Vue Ashburys Manchester Piccadilly Manchester Airport train times

Click here to download the current Sheffield Hope Valley New Mills Stockport Manchester and Manchester Airport train timetable in pdf format

Please note download was correct on the date shown on timetable if in doubt visit

An explanation of pdf files Allow me to explain

To see a bus ride that includes a trip down Padley Gorge see my Bus ride from Sheffield to Buxton on my sister site the last bus stop.

Grindleford Cafe.

Grindleford cafe.

Western portal Totley tunnel.

Grindleford is at the western end of Totley tunnel at three miles long Britians longest railway tunnel. A local Manchester to Sheffield stopping train can be seen disappearing into the tunnel in this shot.
See my Totley Brook Road to Fox House walk for more mentions of Totley tunnel.

East Midlands trains at Grindleford

An Express train passing through Grindleford. This is the Main Sheffield to Manchester line and heavily used.

Semaphore Signal.

Surprisingly semaphore signals are still in use (2012). Looking into the Mouth of Totley tunnel.
Grindleford and Totley Tunnel gets a mention in my
train ride from Sheffield to Manchester express style
and my
train ride from Sheffield to Manchester stopping style

When you are ready to leave cross the railway heading away from the cafe.the lane drops down a hill curves round to the left and then to the right up a sharp incline. There is a lane on your right hand side take this lane.This will take you up to Padley Gorge. Please note there are other paths you can take up the Gorge but I am illustrating what I consider to be the easiest.

Heading towards Padley Gorge.

The lane heading towards Padley Gorge.

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You will come to a gate and a path leading uphill into the woods directly ahead of you. pass through the gate and follow the path.

The Path into Padley Gorge.

The Path into Padley Gorge.


The path follows the river upstream sometimes high above it. The river in the gorge is a series of waterfalls some of which are quite spectacular.

Waterfall Padley Gorge

Another waterfall.

The path will eventually level off and come into the open. Keep following it along the left hamd side of the river.

A footbridge at Padley Gorge.

This is where the path levels out ignore this bridge keep to the left hand side of the river.

River at Padley Gorge.

The steam through Padley Gorge this is a popular spot for people picnicking during the summer months. There are plenty of places to spread out and the river is a perfect place to cool down.

At the end of this strech of path you will come to a bridge cross this and continue up the path.

Bridge Padley Gorge

The bridge as mentioned above.

As you follow the path there are some beautiful waterfalls.

Waterfalls Fox House.

Looking down at the above mentioned waterfalls.

Fast flowing water.

Looking up at the above mentioned waterfalls.

Keep following the path you will eventually come to a road. On the opposite side is the driveway to Longshaw House where you walked down at the start of this walk. Cross the road turn left walk back up the path you walked down when you started and you will shortly be back at Fox House.

Fox House.

Fox House.

See my other two walks that involve Fox House you may wish to make them longer by using all or part of this route.

Hunters Bar to Fox House

Totley Brook Road to Fox House

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First and last bus stop in South Yorkshire

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